Friday, August 19, 2022

A Mini-Update and Prayer Requests

Dear Praying Friends,

This coming Sunday (08/21/22) will be a special Sunday for us since this will mark the return of our "regular" Sunday School ministry. That's right! We will be allowing the children to participate fully (as in full capacity) in both the boys and girls' respective classes at 9:00AM. The secular school year is starting on Monday (08/22/22) and resuming full and free face-to-face classes and so we feel good about "re-launching" our Outreach Children's Sunday School. Additionally, we will also continue the vital follow up class for interested children we call "The Salvation Class" - Bro. RJay heads up the boys and his wife, Sis. Amielle heads up the girls. These children (mostly pre or early teens) usually stay through both the AM and PM services - so we are praising God for the progress that we have seen in these young people.

We also have successfully re-launched our Adults/Teens Sunday School Bible Class. This takes place at 10AM. We are going through the book of Leviticus. What a joy to see a number of serious minded people and young people alike who are faithful in their attendance and desire to know more about the Bible. We are learning all about the sacrifices, priesthood, purity laws, the Day of Atonement, and how all these relate to Jesus Christ - who is our sacrifice, "sacrificer", and substitute for the believing sinner. Christ is all and in all to us as believers! And Leviticus demonstrates this vital truth.

Bro. RJay is usually preaching in our Sunday AM service and I preach for our Sunday PM service. What a blessing and a privilege it is to preach and teach God's Holy Word! 

We also have successfully re-launched our Wed. Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study. We are continuing with the Book of Psalms. We are almost near the end of Book 2 (Pss. 42-72), in fact, this Wed. (08/24/22) we will be studying a very exuberant Psalm, Psalm no. 68.

New gospel tracts are in the press even as we speak. This week I got a sample hard copy in the mail for approval, and it looks really good. So, now, it is only a matter of time and we shall have some new gospel tracts to distribute. This new one is called "The Coming Antichrist and the 7-Year Lockdown." We are praying that many people would earnestly take heed to the message presented in the tract and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated,


Bro. Bill


1. For Sis. Bambi to be able to find a suitable place to start her business and livelihood.

2. For the new visiting family to stick. We actually are praying for a couple more families.

3. For souls to be saved - in evangelism, in the services, in our Sunday School ministries.

4. For Christians to surrender to serving the Lord Jesus Christ through our ministry here in Tuktukan. There are some who need to get baptized and added to the church - but all that in due time as we are working with them in love and patience.

5. For none of us to suffer a viral outbreak, and for our health to be blessed by God.

Again, thank you for your prayers! We surely count on them - as we know that without God's Holy Spirit working in and through us, and through your prayers - we can do nothing! BUT thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. Be well, and pray on!

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