Sunday, August 7, 2022

Our First Sunday Back

Dear Praying Friends,

We praise God for His goodness in returning us to our "normal" or "regular" Sunday ministry. I put that in quotation marks because we pretty much don't know what "normal" is any more - I say this with tongue-in-cheek. We are very glad and thankful to God for allowing us the joy of returning to our Sunday services. This Sunday (08/07/22) was our first Sunday back from our 11-month long furlough - our furlough was brought upon by the extreme-lockdowns we experienced in Metro-Manila for 535 days. As it stands, the Php. Government has decided to keep Metro-Manila (and many, if not all of the Philippines) in the lightest level of lockdown called "Level 1" despite the seemingly endless up-tick of COVID cases in the country. We welcome this as a sign of good things to come (Lord willing, the end of the lockdowns). Aug. 22 is slated to be a return to face-to-face classes for the school year 2022-2023, and the government has indicated that there will be no discriminatory behavior towards children regardless of their vaccination status or lack thereof. Again, that too is a good sign. We have decided that on Sunday, Aug. 21, we shall return to our "normal" Children's Sunday School Ministry form our "modified" Children Sunday School Ministry - we will be having split classes for the boys and the girls, and we will also be having their Sunday School ministry regularly now, that is, every Sunday morning. The kids and workers still need to wear face masks but we can do that for the sake of having a weekly impact for the children in our area and beyond. Bro. Rjay and Sis. Amielle (his wife) will also continue with the boys and girls' "Salvation class" which is a follow up to the Children's Sunday School ministry. They are such a blessing! And they have a number of children that stay afterwards as a result. AMEN!

We also re-launched our Adult/Teens Sunday School class - we call it the Sunday School Bible Class. We are working through the book of Leviticus. Having gone through Genesis and Exodus, I figured why not just go ahead with Leviticus - and after much prayer and reflection, I know the Lord would have us go through this precious book. I printed out 15 study notes to go along with the auditors, and I am happy to say that I will need to print out 5 extra copies since the class has grown. Praise God for His goodness!

The Sunday Morning and Afternoon services were a joy to lead. Bro. RJay preached for the AM service. I preached for the PM service. All of which you can listen to via our sermonaudio dot com webpage ( or via our YouTube Channel here or even view our livestream via our Facebook page ( We even have an app on the phone for those who desire to download it to their smart phone for their edification (click here for more information).

We had a wonderful and full day this past Sunday. Please pray that God would be glorified in our services, that souls would be saved, and that Christians would desire to grow in the Lord and become soldiers for the Lord through this work in Tuktukan, Taguig City.

P.S. We also got to re-launch our Wed. Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study - live and in person for which we rejoice and praise God for it! We will continue to explore the book of Psalms as we are nearing the end of Book 2 (Pss. 42-72).

I am also working on a new Gospel tract: "The Coming Antichrist and the 7-Year Lockdown." This will be another Tagalog/English (bi-lingual) tract for maximum usefulness.

Thank you again for your prayers - we sure do appreciate you!

Bro. Bill

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