Thursday, August 25, 2022

My August News and Prayer Letter is Finally Out

Dear Praying Friends,

My "Hardecker Headlines" (news and prayer letter) has been sent to many of you who take great interest in our missionary ministry here in Metro Manila, Philippines. If you would like to receive a copy of our monthly letter, please email me your request and I can add you to our mailing list. My email address is my last name plus gmail dot com. I put it that way, because I don't want to get more spam and junk email than I am already getting. 😊

1. If you have a more preferred email for me to use, please let me know and I can change that easily. Some of my recipients have two or three email addresses - #smh.

2. If you no longer wish to receive my missionary letters, please let me know and I can delete your email easily. You won't hurt my feelings. I do not like a cluttered email - so, just let me know.

3. If you have an updated contact information, whether it's a cell phone number or a "new" (or "newer") email address or mailing address, please let me know and I can update your contact information on my contacts list.

Bro. Bill

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