Monday, January 2, 2012

Twitter thoughts

     I like it.  I like to read about how people are doing, where they are going, or just plainly what's happening with them.  I certainly like the brevity of info presented in each tweet.  I like reading about some of their Scriptural thoughts, Bible verses that grad them so strongly that they need to share it with their followers.  It is sorta like a Twitter-devotional (a "Tweetvotional").  I liked following products and companies of interest (even though so many of them rarely connected with me as a person, they perceived me more as a consumer or a customer, and that got a bit irritating, and so I withdrew my "following" from nearly all business types - I think I will remain static on this aspect of Twittering until I am treated like a person rather than a consumer, or if a really good deal happens to pop up...ha!).  I like the concept of retweeting tweets of interest.  I like its simplicity and ease of use.  I like that I can connect with people near and far.  Cyberspace "shrinks" as it continues to "grow."  I like rapid responses, that is pretty neat.  I liked listening to the presidential debates and at the same time checking live-Tweets from political analysts at the same time...the same could be said when I get to watch a football game, I could watch a game and get live updates via Twitter from both teams or their followers.
     Now, what I don't like.  I don't like irrelevant and un-updated Twitter pages, that gets irritating.  You don't know if you should follow or not because you don't want to miss out on what they have to Tweet about - but when you look them up, they haven't tweeted for months.  Therefore, I decided that if a fellow Twitterer hasn't tweeted for at least three months, then it is safe to unfollow, and check back on them about three months later.  I don't like spam, not the edible kind (that one is good especially fried).  Some present themselves as followers but they are clearly robots.  I don't like insufferable and insolent over-twitterers.  They just take Twitter to another level.  When a person gets that way, they really need to consider blogging or "facebook-ing" instead.
     Having said all that, I will continue to use Twitter, and encourage others to give it a try.

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