Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gospel tracts

Here are some gospel tracts that I have come across that I really like.

1.  God's Bridge to Eternal Life:

I like this one for several reasons:  The message of Salvation is clear.  The visual images capture the eye and help the mind to process what the Bible is saying.  This tract can be ordered at 586-725-5800.  Unfortunately, you will need to ask for the KJV edition since they have this tract using NASB.

2.  This Was Your Life:
 Who hasn't read a "Chick Publications" tract?  This one is an absolute classic.  Very thought provoking. I don't care much for other Chick tracts, sometimes they go over-board and make light of serious things, but "This Was Your Life" is excellent.  Order this (and don't worry they are KJV only, amen!) at 909-987-0771.

3.  Select verses from the Holy Bible:

This gospel tract is amazing because it writes complete Bible verses out.  While the tract is not as visually stimulating (older graphics), the truths presented are powerful.  This one is perhaps my most favorite of all.  Contact TractsByLyons at 972-495-5346.  Evangelist Jim Lyons wrote this tract.

4. What Must I Do to be Saved?:

This one is a transcribed message from the late Evangelist Dr. John R. Rice.  Dr. Rice was a gifted speaker and writer.  He clearly presents the gospel in this small booklet.  This tract can be ordered at 1-800-247-9673.

There are many other tracts that I could have mentioned, but these are what comes to mind at this time.  Besides handing out gospel tracts, our church invests in gospel CDs.  Some of Pastor Starr's messages or other guest speakers as well, are produced in a CD format to give to people so that they can hear the gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you have a gospel tract recommendation, I would like to hear about that.

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