Friday, July 21, 2023

A Wonderful Week Loaded with Blessings - Praise and Thank God!

Praise God for the blessing of hosting a Vacation Bible School:

     The children are officially on school break (in the Philippines they took a break after the first week of July and they will return to school at the end of Aug.). So, we decided to host a wonderful Evangelistic ministry: Vacation Bible School. We were able to work with 70 plus children, and some adults (seniors, too). Our theme was "Little Things That Are Exceeding Wise" (based on Pro. 30:24-28) and also we snuck into the program our birds (a cockatiel named Kiwi, and a lovebird named Raindrop or Rainy for short). Several children responded to the invitation, and many of them made professions of faith. Our prayer is that they would continue by faithfully attending to our Sunday School Ministries and Sunday services. We also would like to ask you to pray for many more who truly need to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, before its too late. We are rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord and in the safety He has provided for us. He even allowed us to have a couple of clear nights of no rain (which helped us) even though it currently is the "Monsoon Season" (rainy season).

Praise God the blessing of having an Evangelistic Bible study:

     There were two of these in two separate villages. A husband and wife got saved in the village called "Romantic Village." And, another Bible study in a "ward" (piece of land within the district of Tuktukan). A senior lady (Tess) also placed her faith in the Lord Jesus. These are great responses to direct preaching and teaching the Word of God within their respective homes. Please pray that they would continue to attend our church services, get baptized, and added to the church. Praise God for His grace and mercy in the saving of souls.

Praise God for a visit with a dear Preacher friend, and his grandson from the USA this week. It was a blessing to have a time of fellowship and enjoy an edifying time with a true friend.

Praise God for our church workers who gave of themselves to help and assist to ensure a successful VBS ministry could happen.

Praise God for His grace and His divine enablement. We are just praising God for the many wonderful things that He is doing in our midst.

Thank you, our Dear Praying Friends, for taking our name and ministries before the Lord in prayers. Thank you for your love and faithfulness. God is truly interested in all of us worshipping and serving His Son, in His immersionist (Baptist) assembly - and He is surely worthy - let's continue being faithful to Him.

(Above photo) - VBS

(Above photo) - Lola (Grandmother) Tess' Bible study. She readily received the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour. Her husband (Mr. Aurillo) was there and so was her daughter (holding her 1 year old boy). The three children in the front row (from right to left): Mikaela, Angel, and Kevin - all three of them started attending our children's Sunday School, and we faithful have a part in our VBS. Mikaela is Lola Tess' granddaughter. Mikaela also received Jesus during the week of VBS. God is good!

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