Saturday, July 30, 2022

Day #4 of 5 in Quarantine

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our webpage. I trust you are doing well. We are currently on the fourth day of our five-day quarantine as required by the government since we chose not to get the vaccine and booster shots. Tomorrow we get tested. If we test "negative" - we are free to go home and are no longer required to quarantine some more. If we test "positive" - we will quarantine in our home, and that will take a week of isolation to clear up, and get tested again to ensure that the virus has disappeared. We are asking you to pray for favor and grace. We would rather test negative and move on, but we are trusting in God for whatever He has in store for us. Once again, thank you for your friendship and for your prayers. I will certainly keep you informed as to what happens next.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out our "About Us" tab to see our recent information, relevant dates, contact information, and more. I do my best to keep that as relevant as possible. Those who are interested in "signing-up" for our monthly email updates (called "Hardecker Headlines") are welcomed to be added to the list by emailing me at hardecker at gmail dot com (I spelled it out to avoid spam).

This Sunday (July 31), Bro. RJay will be teaching/preaching for us. Lord willing, the following Sunday (Aug. 7) I will be able to return to the pulpit ministry at Mt. Zion Baptist Missions Philippines in Tuktukan, Taguig City. I am also eager to return to the Wed. Night Bible Study (Aug. 3) only this time live and in person - pending a few questions and situations. If we can't yet meet for our Wed. Night Bible Study, I will continue this Wed. Night teaching/preaching through the book of Psalms from my house via FB-Live at 7:30PM. We shall be looking at Psalm 65.

1. Pray for a favorable swab test tomorrow.

2. Pray for safety and protection for our Tuktukan fellowship. ALSO, pray for power and blessings from God - for souls to be saved, and lives to be changed into the image of Christ to the glory of God.

3. Pray for us to be able to return to our regular Wed. Night Bible Study.

4. Pray for new visitors.

5. Pray for God's word to be magnified in the hearts of each listener and in our beloved city and beyond.


Bro. Bill

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