Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A Smooth Return to the Philippines

Dear Praying Friends,

  • Our return flight was a wonderful experience. We know that many of you personally took the time to let us know that you were sincerely praying for us. Thank you! God certainly answered your prayers. We were able to land on Wed. morning at 4:50AM, July 27 after a 13.5 hour flight!
  • All of our airline paperwork, quarantine paperwork, and immigration paperwork turned out okay. Praise God, this time, I did not lose my wallet. HA!
  • We each got a negative RT-PCR test in order to fly. And now we are needing to furnish another negative RT-PCR test in order to be done with having to quarantine further. Please pray that we can do this on the fourth day of our required quarantine stay (which is this Sat., July 30). We will know the results within the same day.
  • WT and Joe got to enjoy a visit to Washington, D.C. and a week-long VBS in the morning, and a three-day teen rally in the evening of their final week at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA. I was able to help with the VBS audio/visual ministry and I was able to teach a 1-3rd grade combined class on the Friday of VBS. We are praising God that many young people came to a saving knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God blessed with a harvest of souls!
  • Please pray that the businesses and establishments in Metro Manila would not be discriminatory against those who have not received the vaccine(s) and booster(s) concerning the COVID-19 virus.
  • Please pray for strength to get through the jet-lag. Well, we do have five days to quarantine, and I desire to maximize this time and use it to the fullest. I have papers to write and much work to catch up on.
  • I do want to say "Thank you and Praise GOD" for the way He has blessed us with provisions for everything that we needed. Your generosity and prayers mean everything to us - again, thank you and may the Lord bless you as only He can.
  • Currently, our phone number remains this "voice over the internet" number (717) 862-8921. Please avoid texting us on this number since it costs to receive and to reply. Yikes! 
  • Feel free to email us at hardecker at gmail dot com. (I spelled it out to avoid spam).
Bro. Bill

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