Monday, January 3, 2022

Welcome 2022!

I trust that you had a fruitful time thanking God for His goodness and for His unspeakable gift, Jesus Christ. This Christmas season our family just enjoyed the warmth of our family and friends, and as we launch into the new year, we want to express our gratitude towards all of you who pray for us, and we certainly are looking forward to what God will do in 2022. 

The Metro Manila area (16 cities) has been returned to yet another elevated lockdown (today will be the 659th day of varying degrees of lockdown) - it is a discouraging news and experience, no doubt. However, God is still on the throne! The earnest and fervent workers in our mission-work at Tuktukan held one more "modified" Sunday School ministry for the children this Sunday (01/02) prior to the Monday lockdown (which shall be reassessed on the 15th of January). The work of the ministry will continue (as it has despite of the lockdowns) and your prayers are appreciated for the brethren, and for all other sister-churches in the Metro Manila area.

We are thankful for the blessing and refreshing time this past Sunday with the brethren at Susquehanna Valley Baptist Church in Harrisburg, PA. It was an encouragement to be our friends, Pastor Brandon and Valarie Starnes, and so many others in their church fellowship. I enjoyed fellowshipping with Pastor Starnes, and I even got to hear him preach the Sunday AM message (which was a tremendous message based on 1 Cor. 15:51-58 - I will try to share it on my FB page, if I can get access to it, which I should soon, Lord willing). I got to teach a combined Sunday School class in the morning, and preach for their evening service. We also got to sing twice as a family. We also loved getting to see and be with long-time friends, and make new friends. WT enjoys being with the rambunctious boys (hmmm...are there any other kind?) and Joseph was speechless (met his match, and was "out-talked" by another) - it was so funny to sit across the table from them, and just seeing the exhaustion on Joe's face as the other kid just carried on with their "deep discussions" and with such enthusiasm. I even saw Joseph calming the child down which really got me chuckling. I am thinking to myself, welcome to my world, Joe! I am still enjoying the moment even if it is now only a memory. HA!

I am attaching a file which I called "Jesus in All the Scriptures." As we move forward in the new year, may we continue in the word and continue to proclaim the Word that was made flesh.

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