Monday, January 17, 2022

Another short update 01/17/22

What a delightful Sunday, the Lord gave us today. First, we are rejoicing in the fourth year anniversary of two church members at the mission-work in Taguig City, Philippines. They have remained faithful throughout the years - thick or thin - you can count on them. GOD is good, and we salute our co-laborers in the Lord's harvest field. Even under hardships and arbitrary lockdowns - they are steadfast and faithful. NOTHING blesses the heart of a spiritual leader more than to see spiritual growth in people's lives. It is its own reward.

Marcia, the boys, and I enjoyed a return visit to Grace Baptist Church, Spring Mills, PA this morning. We were humbled to be able to see and be with such a precious people. We hadn't seen Pastor Codner and his wife, Sis. Eileen for years (approx. 8 years) and praise the Lord, they looked good! The church folks were so welcoming and loving. I got to share about the wonderful works that God is doing in Metro Manila, Philippines, in Sunday School. I was able to preach the word for their Sunday Morning service. Pastor and his wife had us over to their house for lunch (super delicious - complete with dessert, too, WOW!), he even filled our van with gas (for real! - what a kind gesture - Wow, totally unexpected). They truly helped us along the way - we are so blessed. God is good.

Marcia was asked to sing a testimony of praise in song, and so she played the piano and sang a rendition of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and she sure did such a good job (as always). It was a blessing. I recorded it so you can listen to it here, and be reminded of how wonderful it is to take our needs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the evening service, we traveled safely back to Brogue (there was a wacky winter storm coming in but we made it in before the mess totally came in). Pastor Chris brought an extremely "pastoral" message tonight - I believe every young husband and father needs to hear it and hear it again. So when it gets uploaded online, I will do my best to share it on my FB page. More about this message in the near future.

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