Thursday, July 4, 2013

My latest shelf via Shelfari

1.  I plan to read - two books by Dr. Robert Raymond, "Paul, Missionary Theologian" and "A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith."  And one book by Louis Berkhof "Syestematic Theology."  I have a hardback copy of Raymond's "Paul" and Berkhof's "Systematic."  I purchased Raymond's "A New Systematic" via Kindle.  ALSO, I was able to download Berkhof's classic work via pdf (for free).  I am not sure when I will get to these three books, but I will tell you that as I was skim reading them, that they are absolutely fabulous and challenging to read.  Both authors take a universal church view (which I don't hold to) and many other theological/Biblical issues that reflect a Reformed and or Protestant point of view (which I don't hold to, neither).  Having said that, they are extremely conservative and worth reading.  For example, Dr. Raymond defends the Pauline authorship of Hebrews.  My challenge is finding the time to delve into them and maintaining the consistent discipline of reading them through.

2.  I'm reading - currently two books.  First, and this will be long term (very much long term): Matthew Henry's Commentary.  Right now I am in the book of Exodus with the esteemed Henry.  BTW, what an amazing Bible commentator he is.  There are a few spots where his teaching tends towards obscurity (for example, infant sprinkling).  But again, Matthew Henry is a worthy read.  The second book is by James White (yes, the Alpha and Omega Ministries man that wrote the awful book on the King James Only Movement).  "What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qu'ran."  I certainly don't agree with Mr. White about his position on the KJB nor the KJO movement, but his book on the Qu'ran is something that I think is informative and will be useful when I get a chance to be a witness to Muslims.  So far I finished chapters One and Two, and I would like to think that Mr. White is being fair and informative (extremely informative) with regards to so many sensitive items.  I am glad for the glossary in the back and the thoroughness of his documentations in the end notes.  It is a fascinating read, and more than that it is educational.

3.  I have read - lots. Check em out.  The latest one that I finished is Vishal Mangalwadi's "The Book that Made Your World."  I also wrote a review of that book in my Book Recommendations blog (which you can visit by clicking on the proper link located on the right tab under Excursus, called "Book Recommendations").

For the most part, I like Shelfari!  It is neat to be able to organize a virtual shelf and share it with others.

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