Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Preach the...wuh?"

I am of the persuasion that one should focus on the message and not much on the messenger, that is when it comes to listening in on preaching. But it does happen at times when men get up and 'preach' but have very little to say. Some are happy to tell a story, particularly theirs, instead of God's redemptive story. Others expound on their thoughts rather than the text. In fact what is interesting is that they start with a Bible text, THEN they repeat the reference twice in a row as though you did not hear it the first time they mentioned it. I don't know who started that trend but it happens a lot. Then that's it, off with the text and on with the story or worse, on with man's opinion for the rest of the speaking time. What it amounts to is more of a pep rally type or a hyped-up talk, a lot of plain ol' hot air. No substance, because no Word from on High. Lots of emotion maybe but very little conviction. Godly preachers preach the Word, and godly Christians want to and need to hear Bible preaching.

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CindyMae said...

You know what is even worse, when the Bible is not even used. It amazes me at how many preachers, if you want to call them that, don't even use the Bible today or like you said, say a scripture and then go on with other things. It is really a sad thing. That is why our churchs are filled with people who think they are saved but are not, they are not even hearing Gods word. Great post!