Friday, July 6, 2007

"I will build my...wuh?"

Disclaimer: The fellowship names mentioned in this thread are merely generated.

I remember as a young Christian searching for truth in God's word and finding out what God thinks about different kinds of things. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus states plainly that He will build His church. It was reading that verse and understanding it that I realized that I needed to be in church. At first having left 'a church' I felt like why should I be in any church at all. I guess that was somewhat a naive sentiment. Thankfully God speaks about the church in many places in the New Testament that I did not miss out on being part of His church. What is interesting though is finding groups of so-called believers who assemble who fit the description of a church but don't want to be identified as a church. Sorta like "Living Right Fellowship" or "Christian Family Center", or "Community Thing." Are those considered churches? They don't want to be called 'church' to begin with, but they function 'like' a church. It seems as though they want to enjoy the status of a church, they just don't want to be 'called' a church. Are they just trying to get by with a church without calling it a church?

A more important question is does God consider that a church? So if a disgruntled church member, placed under church discipline for the right reasons, by a good church, which would make him obviously a rebel, decides to start his own 'thing,' assembles a group of baptized believers (we will grant him that), without being sent from or endorsed by a good church, he starts his own thing - something - not called a church - then IS it? and if it is not, then what business do Christians have to do with an organization not founded by Christ? Is it too critical to say that Christ founded the church; not the "Community Cell Fellowship of the Beloved Disgruntled Brethren Order of Not-called-church Fellowship." It must be that in the minds of some, church is too cheap. But on the contrary the Bible plainly declares what the church is; in fact it is esteemed as the bride of Christ. I would not want to call Christ's bride a cheap lady, and she should not be treated that way. The fact is Christ founded the church, and Christians go to church.

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