Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Our November news and prayer letter has been released

Dear Praying Friends,

Belated Happy Thanksgiving greetings to you and your families and church families. I trust that you are doing well, and by God's grace, we are doing well, also. AMEN!

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Be well,

Bro. Bill

Ministry news:

1. We praise God for an increase in attendance - we have lots of young people and we are praising God for their enthusiasm and desire. Please pray that they would understand the good news of Jesus Christ, that they would repent of sin and turn to God through the Lord Jesus by faith.

2. We are praising and thanking God for allowing us to minister in the Sunday Schools, and Salvation Classes, and the adults/teens Bible Class. We are working our way through the book of Leviticus and we are loving the clearly defined distinctions between the clean and unclean (in Lev. 11-15) and we are finishing up learning about the day of atonement (in Lev. 16-17). There are so many Bible precepts and principles to gain from Leviticus and we just rejoice in being able to teach these things to our guests, visitors, and members.

3. On Sunday mornings, Bro. RJay is preaching/teaching on the Old Testament Pictures of Christ. In the PM services, I am preaching/teaching through the book of James. We had just finished four weeks on James 3:1-12 - on "Taming the Tongue" - And, thus far we have heard of some wonderful testimonies of believer's being strengthened through the preaching and teaching of God's holy word! It sure brings a smile to a preacher's heart to see spiritual growth in the lives of believers. Our Wed. night prayer meetings and Bible study also continues. We are going through the book of Psalms. Praise God! We are also thankful to God for the return of our annual "Night of Thanksgiving" special service (the last one we had was two years ago - so we have much to thank God for, indeed).

4. Our focus is now upon the Christmas season. We plan on rewarding our faithful Sunday School children with a field trip to enjoy some Christmas lights, and to be a blessing to them for their faithfulness. Our prayer is that we may also bring their parents and household to the Lord. Join us in prayers to God for His blessing upon His word as we minister to these children and families. Pray that ready hearts would receive His words and for spiritual increase.

Family news:

1. Marcia and the boys are working very hard with homeschooling.

2. I am working at gaining and learning some Hebrew (Old Testament Biblical language studies). I was able to submit my final draft for an MDiv. and now, I am working on some courses towards a DMin. - what in the world?!? Praise God for His unsearchable riches in Christ Jesus - no one will ever be able to exegete that.

3. We got to enjoy a day (Thanksgiving Day) with my mom, dad, and brother. They live in Angeles City about two hours north of us here in Taguig City, Metro-Manila. While we were there, we picked up a lovebird (which WT named "Raindrop"). So now, we got two birds (the other one is a cockatiel, named "Kiwi").

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