Friday, September 2, 2022

A Brief Update on my Second Visit with Ms. Elena (A Stroke Survivor)

 Dear Praying Friends,

Elena was in better spirits today. Just continue to pray for her and her precious, and wonderful family (her sons, her grandson, her lady helper). Pray for her to recover well. Pray that I may get another chance next week to visit with her again. God is so good, she allowed me to read to her a portion of Scripture and pray with her - - despite being on a sickbed with a feeding tube, she raised her hands and prayed and out loud said "thank you, Lord" over and over again. I read John 1:1-5, and we had ourselves a short Bible study. She listened really well. Her son was in the room, too, listening. They both said that I am welcomed to come back anytime - - You know God is the one who has opened the door and I want to praise and thank God for that great door of opportunity to read the Scriptures and explain a little bit about the Word, and how that He was there already existing prior to the beginning of all things, and in perfect fellowship with the Father. How He made all things, and without Him nothing would be in existence. How He was the light which is our true and only light here in a dark and sin cursed world. Well, I asked if we could continue next week - - they said "absolutely" - WOW, I am so thankful to God for His mercy and for allowing me to share a word with them despite her stroke. AND the wonderful thing about it is that they want me to come back and share some more and to pray some more for them. GOD is so good! Please pray that Elena continues to progress. Please pray that five members of this household would all get saved. 

P.S. Marcia made them a home-made loaf of bread and it surely smelled the room up with a "sweet smelling savor" - - They loved it (when I say, they, I mean Elena's sons and grandson, and helper).

I can't thank you enough Praying Friends - thank you! God has granted us an audience with her and her entire household. I will return to them next week.

FYI, her son already told me that when she gets to feeling better they will all pay us a visit at church. I told him, when they are ready, I will come pick them up so that they will have a ride to and from church - GLORY! My prayer is for the entire house to come to know the Lord as Saviour - - Elena was so thankful to God - - I really don't think she is too far from Kingdom. But let's just pray for God's word to be understood, and for the Holy Spirit of God to do the convicting, and for the Gospel to be heard and received. I am trusting God for great and wonderful things ahead.

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