Sunday, May 8, 2022

Greetings and Update (05/08/22) - Mother's Day, and Lord's Day Sunday

Dear Praying Friends,

We want to thank and praise God for giving us a place to call "home" from traveling what seems like all over the mid-west. We all got some type of the cold bug - but praise the LORD it isn't COVID, and even more so, we are on the mend - AMEN!

Marcia was able to be with Harvest Baptist Church in Hagerstown, MD and give a special challenge to the women who gathered for fellowship in honor of Mother's Day this past Sat. (05/07/22). We got to meet two Filipino hotel clerks and give them several gospel tracts from Harvest Baptist Church. They were so friendly and professional (of course, they are Filipinos after all!). I got to witness to them about the Lord. Please pray for them to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We will get to enjoy the fellowship of our sending church this Sunday and we look forward to it. I will be with a supporting church in NY for the weekend of May 15th and another supporting in PA for Sunday, May 22.

The boys will enjoy being able to stay back and resume their homeschooling activities and regular ministries and activities at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue, PA. Truthfully, everyone is about done in concerning long-haul travels, though we are praising and thanking God for His safety and provisions along the way.

Tomorrow is Election Day for the Philippines. Please pray for peace and safety and no incidences of vote corruption. We are determined to serve the Lord regardless of who wins the presidency and local governing units but it would be easier to have a leader who fears the Lord - and we surely pray to that end.

We wish everyone who is a mother a Happy Mother's Day, and for the rest of us who have a mother, we wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Joseph (our nine year old) wants to know when is Son's Day? HA! Keep on dreaming the dream, Joe.


Bro. Bill

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