Saturday, May 28, 2022

Another update: May 28

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read and pray. Recently, I was approached by a Bible College senior who explained that she is praying for our family. What a gift! I just want to say "thank you" to all of you who uphold us in sincere prayers to God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit on behalf of our family. Thank you!

Marcia's arduous and six visits to the dental office is finally over. We praise God that the last procedure which was scheduled for another week was "moved up" due to a shift (probabbly a cancelation by someone) in the dental office. As a result she was able to get her last cleaning and fillings and that completes her dental saga. We appreciate the dental care in the Philippines but the dental care in the USA is much better. Praise God for opening up the opportunity to get it done sooner. We have many brethren at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA (our sending church) who need the Lord to open up and/or move up their respective surgical/medical needs and we ask that you would pray to that end.

The boys are working through their home school needs - taking a break for the furlough due to the lockdowns, and even working around the furlough, has obviously slowed down their 2022 educational process, but Marcia and the boys are diligently continuing their necessary "days" and putting in their time for an effective home school. Unlike most of the students in the Philippines - who took a two-year plunge in their educational process due to the lockdowns - we are thankful that the boys are carrying on just fine. Not a snow-storm nor a world-wide pandemic could stop the home school - Wow!

Last Sunday (05/22/22), I was able to visit the loving and supporting church in Pittsburgh, PA. Ambassador Baptist Church under the watch-care of Pastor Mark Montgomery. It was such a blessing to report back to this faithful and missions-minded assembly. Dr. Montgomery hosts a Bible Institute for church members and interested Bible students, and I just appreciate his preaching and teaching ministry (he truly feeds the flock of God with the precious words every Sunday, mid-week service, and even more via the Bible Institute). Joseph and I got to visit with them.

I was asked to speak at Mt. Zion's home school graduation ceremony this past Friday (05/27/22). It was a wonderful time to thank God for His goodness and to celebrate the students and parents of the church's home schooling families from kindergarten onto high school. I preached from Psalm 18:30 and encourage the graduates to remember God's way, God's word, and God's warfare.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we will get a chance to be with Gospel Light Baptist Church in Millersville, PA with Pastor Andy Almanza. It will be wonderful to re-connect with them, their church members, and for me personally, I will love to see Dr. Lee Henise and his precious wife, Sis. Gloria. They are like Aquila and Priscilla - just two dedicated church-planters. There is much to be thankful for their love and friendship over the years.

Philippines News: Ferdinand Marcos Jr. won the six-year term Presidential elections in a landslide. This is not good, but God is in control and we trust Him in all this. The pandemic lockdowns continue though it remains in "Level 1" (until June 15) following unbelievable mass gatherings all over the country due to political campaigning (which is actually a good sign that indicates that perhaps a shift to the endemic phase should be practically imminent - of course, the slow process is painful, but we are trusting God for that, too). As it stands our return at the end of July looks positive though we will need to do all the song and dance (excuse the term) for COVID theater as we return in July (unless things change for the better). And so, we ask that you continue to pray that the Philippines would open up.


Bro. Bill

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