Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A week of Missions Conference at Lyons, NY

What a joy it was to be with faithful prayer partners and friends. God gave us a wonderful week of Missions Conference at Maranatha Baptist Church in Lyons, NY with Pastor John Khun, his precious wife, Tracy, and the wonderful and hospitable people of the church. Words cannot express our joy as we were able to see so many good friends that have prayed for us and supported us over the years. Below is a link summarizing a little bit about that week and a little more info about other similar blessings along the way.


This coming weekend (03/06/22) Marcia and I will have the privilege of filling in for a dear pastor friend and his wife who are in need of a special get-away due to the urgent and arduous circumstances within their family. We look forward, once again, to seeing and being in Sunday fellowship with a church in Fulton County Pennsylvania.

Would you please take time and pray for a dear senior lady friend in Taguig City, Philippines. Many of you who follow our ministry would be familiar with Nanay Luring (translated: Mother Luring). She is suffering pain and sickness and slurred speech. We love her, and God is good to allow her to enjoy a Bible study from our mission-work in a neighboring village, led by Bro. RJay following the afternoon church service each Sunday.

Also, please pray for Marcia's grandma, Grandma Zehr. She has terminal cancer and is in hospice care, and she has had some hard struggles as of late.

We commend both these precious ladies to the Lord in prayer, and we would appreciate it, if you would just pray for them - ultimately that God would be glorified in their present and trying circumstances.

 Thank you, kindly.

Bro. Bill

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