Tuesday, February 8, 2022

A return visit to Amboy & Quincy, IL and Kirksville, MO

 It was great to be with Pastor and Mrs. Rocky Fritz, and the people of First Baptist Church, Amboy, IL. I was able to be with them for their Wed. night mid-week service. https://www.facebook.com/bhardecker/posts/5183103145034312

Afterwards for Sunday (02/06/22) I was able to be with two churches. Tabernacle Baptist Church in Quincy, IL and Southside Baptist Church in Kirksville, MO. https://www.facebook.com/bhardecker/posts/5196406793703947

It is a joy to be able to rehearse the wonderful works of God to some of our supporting churches. I look forward to being with Fishers Baptist Church in Fishers, IN (Pastor Todd Falk) tomorrow night (02/09/22) on my way back to PA. Pastor and Mrs. Falk took a team of eleven other people and visited our work and other works in the Philippines back in 2017. I look forward to updating you about that visit.

I appreciate your prayers for safety, health, and strength. ALSO, pray for God to have his way in hearts and that the word of God would have free course in the hearts of those who are willing to receive God's word through the preaching and teaching ministry.


Bro. Bill

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