Monday, June 4, 2018

Vacation Bible School 2018 - A Recap

The Lord gave us a wonderful VBS. This is our first ever VBS, and God is good! It was five days of Bible lessons, songs, story, fun, craft, and snacks. Here were some of the children who were gathered and eagerly awaiting the opening day. We started at 10 AM and they were already there at 8 AM. The district office (which allowed us the use of their fourth floor) was surprised, and so were we. HA!

Marcia planned the entire program, and the Lord blessed us with many great helpers. We made it a point to ask friends to pray, especially since most of these children are "unchurched" and "street kids" (meaning: unruly). The Lord was good, and although there were some challenges along the way, there was a holy hush especially during the critical junction of the Bible lesson (which is basically preaching - ha!, I was able to preach four gospel messages and one discipleship message for Christians).

Sister Lot was able to help translate Marcia's story time. The children listened excellently. They even played a review game, and the children were going crazy over the game time. They are so very competitive. It sure was a lot of fun. Even some of the workers got "into it" and were at times worse than the kids. So we divided the group into two. "Team X" against "Team O" (as in tic-tac-toe) and the rest was war.

Sister Jennifer was able to lead singing. The children just enjoyed singing. There were other helpers in the background: Mr. John and Mr. Christian were behind the scenes with crowd control and refreshments. There were some parents watching the program from the back. AMEN!

The older children were able to do a lap-book for their craft. Each day they pasted the proper "key" in the folder and on the last day, they could take home the five keys that we taught them, along with Marcia's new children's gospel tract. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless His words which are tucked into their folders. We know that His word will never return void!

Pray for the children to continue to listen well, and learn that Jesus is the key to unlocking the treasures of Heaven. Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to following up with many of the children and their parents. As always, we ask that you would earnestly and fervently pray with and for us. To God be the glory great things HE has done!
I was able to speak each day to the children about our VBS theme: "Keys to Unlocking the Treasures of Heaven." The Lord moved on three young boys' hearts and we saw them freely and gladly and completely believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It was amazing because they had plenty of opportunities to neglect and/or forget about the message, but each of them on their own, insisted on trusting in the Lord by staying after VBS to talk and request more information. God is good!

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God did something special and eternal in the heart of our five year old, Joseph. On the fourth day of VBS, the light went on in his heart. He woke up and all day (no kidding, he kept insisting that we talk to him about how to get saved). This has been a long time coming and what an answer to our prayers, and prayers of our family and friends. Joe is happy to know that because of Jesus, his sins have been forgiven and he will for ever be with the Lord some day. Praise the LORD!

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