Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Handkerchief Fail

It was a wonderful, sunny, and summer day in Taguig City, Philippines (Sunday, April 15, 2018). A perfect day for a baptism. We had finished our afternoon church service and the candidates were ready to get baptized. I knew I didn't prepare three handkerchiefs for the candidates to use. So what do I do? I asked my wife if she, perhaps, by chance, even unusually happen to carry a handkerchief  - perhaps even three of them, you know, people carry three handkerchiefs all the time, right?! WRONG! I knew she was going to say no, but I had to ask anyway...pure reflex. Hoping against hope. It was a fail. Oh well, the baptisms still happened and all is well. Just remember, now, we all have AoI's (areas of improvement). But do enjoy this short clip! I hope it makes you smile!

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