Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Even more thoughts about Twitter


     Part of what makes the Twitter experience fun is instant communication with people. Conversation is a vital part of a two-way street Twitter experience.  Let me mention that one-way street Twitter accounts can be informative but in my case I am interested in communication or making a connection.  For that reason alone, I am not into following what I call one way Twitter accounts.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am glad for the “List” option, and one-way accounts of interest are listed accordingly.  Announcements and information are good, but, for me, conversation and connection is where it’s at.  The goal in Twitter is not to badger your followers with tweets (that would be like attending a party and dominating the conversation – it’s sorta rude).  Meaningful conversation or connection is the worthy goal.  An important announcements, good words of encouragement, recommended resources, or even sometimes a simple response are appreciated and enough to achieve meaningful conversation.  But if you wish to have a good Twitter experience, make sure you make connections with your followers in a meaningful way.

Tweet Feeds

      A regular interval or steady flow of highly valuable information or inspirational material is something that I think is important to my followers, and because of that, I do my best to regularly Tweet something from the Bible.  I take a Scripture principle or topic and study it out and tweet about it for the week.  I rotate between three different emphases - doctrinal, discipleship, or devotional and sometimes the distinctions are a bit blurred but ultimately, I can’t go wrong here since it is principally drawn from God’s Holy Word.  One of these days, I want to pull a number of these tweets into a yearly devotional reader for Christians but that will have to come in due time (book #3, perhaps).
     Sometimes, I tweet a photo of things that I take with my camera (usually cell phone cam, but lately, I like taking shots with my tablet [Google Nexus 7]).  So far that has been a fun experience and hopefully adds value to my followers.  You can link or share a webpage or a news article of interest.  You can share a photo or a multi-media clip.  You can suggest other Twitter pages of interest to follow or list. The point is sharing tweets of value or interest.  I really enjoy it when I get RT’s that are worth RT-ing about.  It does get irritating to find a RT that borders on stupid or low-information but it comes with the territory (thankfully, you can opt out of people’s RTs, and that is a blessing).

More later...perhaps much later.

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