Friday, January 18, 2013

What do my sons like...

William Tyndale Hardecker
WT as we affectionately call him (thanks to his Great-Grandma Starr) likes: Thomas the Tank, Choco-Pudding, Cookies, Cakes, Pizza (esp. the crust), "Juice" - he calls everything he drinks juice, even if it's water, ha! Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Wrestling, Cars, and two blocks (that has small bells) which he rattles in sync as he listens to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." When he "prays" all he does is repeat names like Mama & Dada...Dada & Mama...and so on (super funny).  Read him a story, then at the end have him read it back to you (what a nut!).  He loves his mother's night time routine: reading and singing.  We have our family devotions every night (read a Bible story, and pray) except on Sundays (where we have Bible preaching and prayers all day at church).

Joseph Donald Hardecker

JD likes to eat, sleep, poop, puke, and keep us up all night! What a funny guy! He really likes his pacifier.  He loves to be held, and he is extremely nosy (quite alert for a little guy).

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