Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Digital Documents for Your Consideration

One of the most amazing online tools is  I use it by integrating a number of documents on my blog which are included in my "Missionary Information Packet."  My page has five documents for any to peruse.  It contains a letter of interest, a recommendation letter from the pastor of my sending church (Pastor Randy Starr), a recommendation letter from a seasoned missionary (Dan Tessin), a recommendation letter from the president of Fairhaven Baptist College (Pastor Roger Voegtlin), and a copy of my doctrinal statement.  The use of this technology helps in cutting cost (time, postage & materials) and it can effectively expedite information.  I will be adding a few more documents which are relevant to my packet (including a brief account of my salvation testimony and call to preach and a digital copy of the front and back of my prayer card).  The only other document I would like to place on it is the "personal references" page (outside my family), but because their personal contact information is contained in it I figure it would not be wise to place that online, IMO.

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