Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why a Disgruntled Atheist Shouldn't Complain

Here is a story in the paper about an atheist who feels that he is being discriminated against because a restaurant owner has a 10% discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays.  First, Property Rights - she owns the business and can and should be free to grant whatever discount she wishes.  Second, offering a discount is the owner's prerogative.  It isn't discriminatory; it is patronizing.  If she wanted to offer discounts to those who brought a copy of the latest atheistic bulletin, then that is her business and that is the patronage she wants to nurture.  The government has no business telling her what she should do as a private business owner.  Any business owner has enough sense to know what is working and what isn't due to their return of interest (the bottom line).  A government intervention based on a frivolous lawsuit is not going to help one bit (btw, the atheist never ate at her restaurant - funny he's even complaining).
What this atheist needs to know is that the entire state's constitution humbly invokes God's guidance, with thankfulness to Him for its civil and religious liberty (read the preamble to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of PA) .  So, perhaps he should sue the state of PA, too.  But then again, just like he doesn't have to eat at this particular restaurant, he doesn't have to live in PA either.  He should be thankful that there is a restaurant open (in this sad economy) and that God has given him the liberty of choosing not to believe in his Creator.


Gary Zdziarski said...

Birdie Birdie in the sky
Would you like a ham on rye
But if some crumbs is all you want
Don't come to my restaurant.

Unknown said...

That's about right. Roosevelt/Franklin...bah...Elementary School.