Friday, October 21, 2011

More excerpts from "The Pastor in Prayer"

"Lord, convert our friends that still remain unsaved.  Oh mighty power of God, let none come into this house even accidentally and casually without receiving some devout impression.  May the Spirit of God work mightily by our ministry and the ministration of all His servants now present, whether in the Sabbath School, or in the streets, or in the lodging houses, or from door to door, or when they privately speak to individuals.  Oh, glorify Thyself in us."  (Chapter 2, Jesus Interceding for Transgressors, page 17)

"May those of us who bear in their body the marks of the Lord Jesus be solemnly concerned that our baptism should be no fiction, but that we should be really baptized into the death of Christ with all the fullness of the deadening power that is about the sacred burial by fellowship with Him." (Chapter 6, Sitting Over Against the Sepulchre, page 38)

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