Friday, September 30, 2011

Excerpts from The Pastor in Prayer

As I said in my review, here are some of the quotes I like that didn't quite make the Twitter standard of 140 characters, but are nevertheless good, and you wouldn't get it if it was "twitterfied."  More to come, for sure.  Enjoy!

 "We make no excuse for unbelief, but confess it with detestation of it that we should ever have doubted the truthful, the mighty, the faithful God."

"But we do confess that if there be anything acceptable in these our offerings, they are all first given us of Thee.  No praise comes from us till first it is wrought in us."

"Qualify each one of us to be vessels fit for the Master's use, then use each one of us according to the measure of our capacity."

"for Thee we will cheerfully labour while strength is given; but, Oh, send prosperity, and not to us only, but to all workers for Jesus, to all missions in foreign lands, and missions in the heathendom at home."

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