Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two exemplary men in Philippians 2

Timothy and Epaphroditus are mentioned in ch.2 of Philippians with some interesting charecteristics. Every man of God needs someone of like mind and passion to carry out the work that God has called him to. In this case we have Timothy and Epaphroditus.

Timothy -
1. "The servant(s) of Jesus Christ" (ch. 1:1)
2. "Likeminded, who will naturally care for your state" (ch. 2:20)
3. "he served with me in the gospel" (ch. 2:22)
4. The manner of Timothy's service with Paul is likened unto a "son with the father" (ch. 2:22) - What a wonderful pattern for assistant pastors to follow. We get the priveledge of serving along side God's man, and render submission to him as a son renders to his father.

Epaphroditus -
1. "My brother" - I believe that to be a spiritual bond. (ch. 2:25)
2. "Companion in labor" (2:25)
3. "fellowsoldier" (2:25)
4. "your messanger" (2:25)
5. "he ministered to my wants" (2:25)
6. The next set of verses explains how he longed to be with them.

What tremendous examples of helpers that we can aspire to become for the glory of God.

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