Thursday, February 9, 2006

Sermons I enjoy (part 2)

Pastor Jeff Voegtlin is an associate pastor at Fairhaven Baptist Church and the Academic Dean of Faihaven Baptist College. These sermons of course could be accessed through Sermon, where you can find many other good sermons to listen to. What a valuable tool!
(Post Script: The picture is not Pastor Jeff Voegtlin - just for your information. I pointed out on the previous post that this is supposed to be Ezra).

1. How To Hear - This sermon was preached in preparation for the 2002 Annual Preaching Conference at Fairhaven. Pastor Voegtlin provides a simple outline to follow and a tremendous exposition of James 1:21-22. A sequel to this is Looking Into the Glass and the Perfect Law.

2. The Lost Life - In this sermon Pastor Voegtlin explores some of the Biblical narratives and shows us how the principle of Mark 8:35 holds true in each of their situations, as well as ours. A very practical message.

3. Forgive and Remember...No More - The Bible commands us to emulate God in the manner of forgiveness. What does that mean? This sermon answers that question.

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Jeff Voegtlin said...

Hey, nice use of the link function. And, of course, that's not me in the picture. He's got way too much hair to look anything like me.

By the way, when is the sermons I enjoy post for Pastor Whitecar coming? I know you've listened an commented on almost all of his. That one will be quite a long post.

He preached/taught a good lesson last night also. Don't know if we'll get it posted.

Unknown said...

His is coming soon. I don't think it will be too long. I'll probabbly highlight a few of what I enjoy.

I enjoy alot more than what I could possibly recommend! I think these sermons would be a blessing to people who are reading my blog.

ALSO, yes these 'link' stuff works wonders. I can't believe I am "htmling."

AND lastly, I haven't heard your Galatian series in completion yet. They sound interesting, I am not sure about the idea of legalism in 'sanctification' differing from 'salvation' (I just don't know). I did some listening of Preacher's Power of Godliness sermon and some of yours - and it is amazing how they relate. Thanks for commenting.