Thursday, January 5, 2006

Our Reasonable Service (part 3)

The manner of our service is outlined in Rom. 12:1 - we are to be as a 'living sacrifice,' 'holy,' and 'acceptable unto God,' This can only be accomplished after a full surrender of ourselves completely to the Lord thus the 'presenting' of our bodies. Just like the sacrifices of the Old Testament animals had no choice but surrender - so must we relinquish our all to the Lord. The glorious difference of course is that we don't have to be 'dead' in our service towards God. Here we also see that God is interested in holiness. Worldy methodology cannot accomplish our reasonable service. I remember as a young Christian I did not understand why Christians couldn't use some rock music with Christian lyrics to worship God with. I did not realize then as I do now that the heart of "Contemporary Christian Music" (falsely so-called) is lust and idolatry. That God is infinitley Holy, therefore our service to Him should reflect that. Holiness is void of carnality, earthliness, worldliness which leads to death. Finally, 'acceptable unto God.' Do I have God's approval? Often we look for man's approval, but this verse is an important reminder to seek God's approval instead. What a priveledge it is to be able to look at a verse like Rom. 12:1 and think on the wonderful truths concerning our service towards God.
To God be the glory for He is worthy!

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