Monday, January 16, 2006

Ex Libris

"The Eternal Sonship of Christ" By George W. Zeller and Renald E. Showers. This book is certainly one of a kind. An extremely helpful book in combating the false teaching known as the "Incarnational Sonship" theory (that Jesus became the Son of God at His birth). I was reading the book "Kingdom of the Cults" (W. Martin) - which happens to be a good book on Cults -except where Dr. Martin promotes the false view of the Sonship issue trying to defend his position against the Jehovah's Witnesses teachings. Also another proponent of the false view is John MacAurthur, Jr. With this book the issue is laid out in simple to understand terms. Any student of the Bible can profit greatly from this book, basically it is an easy read. The kind of book that if you owned it, you probabbly will be highlighting it or underlining it (or whatever you do or don't do). 10 relatively short chapters are:
Chapter 1 - The Diety of the Son
Chapter 2 - The Pre-existence of the Son
Chapter 3 - The Incarnation of the Son
Chapter 4 - The Doctrine of Eternal Sonship
Chapter 5 - The Denial of Eternal Sonship
Chapter 6 - The Defense of Eternal Sonship
Chapter 7 - The Meaning of the Term "Son of God"
Chapter 8 - The Meaning of Ps. 2:7
Chapter 9 - Dealing with Problems and Objections
Chapter 10 - The Necessity and Importance of the Doctrine

Like all good 'juicy' books it has an Appendix (two as a matter of fact):
Appendix A - The Term "Son of God" In Light of Old Testament Idiom
Appendix B - The Testimony of Men

End notes and Resources for further study are also included in the book. Well documented!
(All that in just 128 pages)


Chris Starr said...

Great book summary. Can't argue on the usefulness of this book as it especially relates to cults. I found anything I have read by Showers to be full of great content.

Unknown said...

Right you are. I would higly recommend this book as a necessary part of reading for a class on Cults.

Anonymous said...

For the record, MacArthur recanted this position, but said he didn't think it was that crucial!

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that! BUT he is still wrong if he thinks that it is not crucial. BTW, He needs to recant his false teaching on the blood of Christ among other things too. Thanks for commenting.