Thursday, July 28, 2005

Faith is believing that God is able. After placing my faith in Christ I started attending a church that in my estimation believed the Bible. I can recall the time that I did not want to attend church because I thought that it was all 'organized religion.' It was such a blessing though to be able to read the Bible and learn that Jesus is concerned about building His church. I must have read that passage in Matthew over and over again. I prayed that the Lord would show me His will in this matter of attending church. It was not long that a friend of mine (Phillip L.) invited me to attend his church. By this time I had read all of the N.T. and had a lot of questions about the religious machenery that I had forsaken. I had important questions that needed answer about the Trinity, Mary, the church, and so on. I was still reluctant to attend this church or any church for that matter. I had just gotten out of one so why even bother attending another one. I even thought that all Christian churches were the same. I expected to see a priest, I expected to partake in Communion. It was a shock when I first met the preacher. I recall shaking his hand and saying "hello, Father, my name is Billy", to which he replied "I am not a priest, I am a pastor, my name is Pastor G." I was welcomed in that church. Pastor G. preached the Bible, and some how I felt compelled to come forward. I had already been saved (trusting Christ alone for Salvation), but I just felt that I needed to make some decisions, and the altar call is what I needed. I came forward and some one took me aside and dealt with me (Gilbert P.), although he was much older than me, we become close friends and we both served the Lord. I can recall going to Pastor G.'s Bible Institute at night after high school classes. It was there I came to my spiritual teachers with a boat load of questions, and left with every one of them answered mostly with the Bible. In hearing the Word, my faith grew.
It truly is special to be able to read the Bible, and pray over it and see God answer and bless.
More about 'the dearest thing in my life is faith', later.

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