Monday, October 4, 2010

Personal Observation Notes on the Parable of the Sower

1. The sower sows the "seed" = word (Luke says "his seed") – in the parable it is classified as:

    a. The Word of the Kingdom (Matthew)

    b. The Word (Mark)

    c. The Word of God (Luke)

2. There are four different kinds of soil (hearer)

    a. The way side

    b. The stony places (Matthew); stony ground (Mark); a rock (Luke)

    c. Thorns (among [the] thorns)

    d. Good ground

3. Regarding the Way Side:

    a. Main description:

        a.1. They hear

        a.2. and understand not

        a.3. "lest they should believe and be saved." (Luke)

    b. Main culprit is Satan: (parallel to "fowls" [Matthew], "fowls of the air" [Mark & Luke])

        b.1. "The wicked one" (Matthew)

        b.2. "Satan" (Mark)

        b.3. "the Devil" (Luke)

    c. Method:

        c.1. He comes and catches away that which was sown in his heart. (Matthew)

        c.2. Satan comes immediately and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. (Mark)

        c.3. comes and takes away the word out of their hearts. (Luke)

  4. Regarding the Stony Places, Stony ground, a rock:

    a. Main description:

        a.1. They hear

        a.2. anon with joy receive it (Matt); immediately receive it with gladness (Mark) receive the word with joy (Luke)

        a.3. not much earth; no deepness of earth; not root in himself; no root (Matt & Mark)

        a.4. lacked moisture (Luke)

        a.5. "for a while believe" (Luke)

    b. Main culprit: these are parallel to the scorching of the sun.

        b.1. Tribulation (Matthew)

        b.2. Persecution (Matthew) [all because of the word, or for the word's sake]

        b.3. Affliction (Mark)

        b.4. Temptation (Luke)

    c. Method:

        c.1. "Withered away" (Matt, Mark) i.e. offended because of the word (Matt./Mark)

        c.3. Endured for a time, but when affliction arise, immediately they are offended. (Mk.)

        c.4. in a time of temptation fall away (Luke)

  5. Regarding the Thorns:

    a. Main description:

        a.1. they hear the word

        a.2. the word is chocked.

    b. Main culprit:

        b.2.1. care(s) of this world (Matt, Mark)

        b.2.2. riches and deceitfulness of riches (Luke, Matthew)

        b.2.3. the lusts of other things (Mark)

        b.2.4. pleasures of this life (Luke)

    c. Method:

        c.1. choked – the thorns grow up with the seed.


6. Regarding the Good ground:

    a. Main description: (an honest and good heart – Luke adds to the description)

         Good ground

    b. Results: fruitfulness.

    c. Method:

        c.1. hears the word (Matthew, Mark, Luke)

        c.2. understands it. (Matthew)

        c.3. receive it (Mark)

        c.4. keep it (Luke)

Luke adds a warning: "Take heed therefore how ye hear…" (Luke 8:18a).

Scripture references: Matthew 13:1-23; Mark 4:3-20; Luke 8:5-18

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