Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hardeckers on vacation

Ah, vacation!  What a wonderful time.  First, Squantz Pond.  Second, Marcia on a hammock (she was reading and then took a nap).  Third, W.T. snuggled and also napping (an activity that he does a lot - being only a little over three weeks old).  And me, reading, relaxing, and taping.  We also went to church at Dover First Baptist Church in Wingdale, NY.  This church housed General George Washington, and some of his men for an evening.  Absolutely good Sunday School teaching on Psalm 19 by Mr. Harold, a 20 + year member of the church.  The preaching was on Stewardship by a missionary to Ghana (Mr. Jim Peterson).  What an important topic.  Pastor Bacino was on vacation (funny!) so we never did get a chance to meet him but I am absolutely for vacation.

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