Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Missions Trip (part 2)

Kevin and Debby Harris and their children Samuel, Charity, Susanna and Elisa are busy serving the Lord in the mission field of Wollongong, NSW Australia.

Marcia and I got a chance to join The Harris’ along with the Youth Group of their church for a talent and dessert night. It is really neat to know that many of the young people of the church want to use their talents for the glory of God.

I did mention dessert night! The young people did all this home made.

This is what the church building looks like prior to the arrival of the church people and guests. They use a public school building and every weekend they diligently set up and tear down for church.
This is Illawarra Community Baptist Church. They are a fine group of believers with a goal to someday own their own land, building and facilities.

We also worked alongside Chris and Yolanda Eckels. Their children are Rischala, Rachel, Jeremiah, and Noah. It was a blessing to accompany them in the various ministries that they are involved in as they are getting acclimated to the Australian mission field, having been there for nearly a year and a half. They are serving under Shaolhaven Baptist Church under Pastor Shellebear ( a great national pastor).


DaCatster said...

Wow what a blessing! Thank you for sharing.

It is great to hear about the Eckels, Yolanda and I graduated high school together.

Unknown said...

They are very special to Marcia and me. Graduated high school together, what a small world. Thanks for your comments Cathy and God bless!

Terry McGovern said...

Bro Bill,

Glad to see the Lord enabled you to go on a three week mission trip. You were close to my neck of the woods (Papua New Guinea). Although, my family and I arrived in the states for furlough 3 weeks ago.

CindyMae said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is such a blessing to me when I hear of missions like this. Awesome!