Monday, July 2, 2007

Mission Trip and misc. items (part 1)

Meet the Tessin Family. The Lord is doing a wonderful job in Las Pinas through the good and hard work of Bro. Dan Tessin. The picture is that of his wife Raquel, and three daughters (Michelle, Jennifer, and Danielle). They have been serving the Lord in planting and establishing churches in the Philippines for well over 10 years. It was such a privilege to work along side such a fine missionary family.

Filipinos use several modes of transportation besides bicycles, cars, and buses. They use what is called Tricycles. It is a motor cycle with a side car attached to it. Also another interesting transportation is the "Jeepney."

This is the building that facilitates Cross and Crown Baptist Church in Las Pinas. The week we were there they celebrated their church anniversary and a week later Bro. Tessin celebrated 10 years of working among the people. The bottom half of their building is the church's and the second story is where the Tessins live.

This is what the church building looks like from the back prior to the arrival of the church people and many other guests. The bottom picture is taken from the pulpit area, to give you an idea of what the auditorium looks like from the front. The cleanliness and beauty of their auditorium is a testimony of their love and sacrifice as the church, that although being poverty stricken, they pull together without the aid of foreign money, they of their own selves gave to see a wonderful facility build for the Lord.

Meet Cross and Crown Baptist Church. It sure was a pleasure to be with the Lord's people in Las Pinas. There I was given the privilege to teach a module class on Philippians. I was also invited to speak for their church anniversary.

The Ladies Choir did a marvelous job. They sang in English. For the most part many Filipinos speak English and Tagalog as well as their local dialect depending on what region they are raised in.

After the morning service the ladies of Cross and Crown had a Ladies Fellowship. They studied the Bible and my wife Marcia was able to preach at them. This is ok, because they were all ladies present.

During our stay we also had the privilege of conducting a two day Children's Bible Adventure club. Many of the children that came were actually first time visitors. What a blast!

Marcia taught the English division of the club. It was such a blessing to be able to minister to the Tessin kids as well, since they really haven't had a strictly English speaking class.

It was a joy to see a young girl named "Joy" realize her need for Salvation. After conducting a home Bible study at her grandparents house, she publicly confessed that she needed to get saved. I have received good news from Bro. Tessin that she is manifesting spiritual growth. This is a good sign that her faith is not vain. She is a sweetheart but more importantly now she is a Christian.

Pray for the Tessins and Cross and Crown Baptist Church. Bro. Tessin is planning to start yet another church in Bohol (a Southern Island). Pray that God raises a godly, national pastor who will take over the work in Las Pinas, Manila.

I also had a chance to see my home town of Angeles City in the Philipines. My family and friends were there. I miss most of all my pastor back home. On Feb. 27, 2007 Pastor Guerrero went home to be with the Lord. Leaving behind a thriving church and a strong family. Pray for God's wisdom and strength for such a time as this. I will always remember Pastor Guerrero as a man of God, a preacher of the Word, and an soulwinner.

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