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Philippians Study (part 3) - "Saints in Christ Jesus"

"Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons:" (Phil. 1:1)

In the Bible, a saint is a genuinely saved person. When a person repents and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, that person becomes a new creature in Christ, he at that moment becomes a 'saint.' The word 'saint' means 'holy' or 'separated ones.' It is a classification designated for all the people of God. At salvation God separates us from sin, the world, our flesh, the Devil. And God draws us unto Himself. Therefore 'sainthood' is not a long formal process of canonizing a person, rather, a saint is anyone whom the Lord has cleansed or saved. Jesus imputes His righteousness upon us, and that makes us 'holy ones.' Our holiness does not extend from ourselves. In fact, we have no righteousness at all. Unless God does the saving we are lost sinners, bound to an eternal Hell.
The Bible…

"Soldiers in the Army of the Lord" VBS Closing Ceremony

Mt. Zion Baptist Church has invited Bro. Burt Kephart of Seneca, PA (A veteran of the Vietnam war) to speak at our VBS closing ceremony. He has authored a powerful booklet: "Proven In Battle," which tells of the story of the loss of his son in the Iraq war. He will teach our adult Sunday school class at 9:30am and speak at our evening service at 6:30pm this Sunday (July 22). We encourage you to come hear him speak. If you know of anyone who has lost a loved one in this war, and they are in the Brogue, Windsor, Red Lion, York, PA locale, please encourage them to come. Mr. Kephart is a shining example of how we can give God the glory even in the midst of our deepest valleys.

For more information about this event and directions and/or contact info please look up Thank you.

"Preach the...wuh?"

I am of the persuasion that one should focus on the message and not much on the messenger, that is when it comes to listening in on preaching. But it does happen at times when men get up and 'preach' but have very little to say. Some are happy to tell a story, particularly theirs, instead of God's redemptive story. Others expound on their thoughts rather than the text. In fact what is interesting is that they start with a Bible text, THEN they repeat the reference twice in a row as though you did not hear it the first time they mentioned it. I don't know who started that trend but it happens a lot. Then that's it, off with the text and on with the story or worse, on with man's opinion for the rest of the speaking time. What it amounts to is more of a pep rally type or a hyped-up talk, a lot of plain ol' hot air. No substance, because no Word from on High. Lots of emotion maybe but very little conviction. Godly preachers preach the Word, and godly Christians…

"I will build my...wuh?"

Disclaimer: The fellowship names mentioned in this thread are merely generated.
I remember as a young Christian searching for truth in God's word and finding out what God thinks about different kinds of things. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus states plainly that He will build His church. It was reading that verse and understanding it that I realized that I needed to be in church. At first having left 'a church' I felt like why should I be in any church at all. I guess that was somewhat a naive sentiment. Thankfully God speaks about the church in many places in the New Testament that I did not miss out on being part of His church. What is interesting though is finding groups of so-called believers who assemble who fit the description of a church but don't want to be identified as a church. Sorta like "Living Right Fellowship" or "Christian Family Center", or "Community Thing." Are those considered churches? They don't want to be called 'chur…

Missions Trip (part 2)

Kevin and Debby Harris and their children Samuel, Charity, Susanna and Elisa are busy serving the Lord in the mission field of Wollongong, NSW Australia.

Marcia and I got a chance to join The Harris’ along with the Youth Group of their church for a talent and dessert night. It is really neat to know that many of the young people of the church want to use their talents for the glory of God.

I did mention dessert night! The young people did all this home made.

This is what the church building looks like prior to the arrival of the church people and guests. They use a public school building and every weekend they diligently set up and tear down for church.
This is Illawarra Community Baptist Church. They are a fine group of believers with a goal to someday own their own land, building and facilities.

We also worked alongside Chris and Yolanda Eckels. Their children are Rischala, Rachel, Jeremiah, and Noah. It was a blessing to accompany them in the various ministries that they are involved in…

Mission Trip and misc. items (part 1)

Meet the Tessin Family. The Lord is doing a wonderful job in Las Pinas through the good and hard work of Bro. Dan Tessin. The picture is that of his wife Raquel, and three daughters (Michelle, Jennifer, and Danielle). They have been serving the Lord in planting and establishing churches in the Philippines for well over 10 years. It was such a privilege to work along side such a fine missionary family.

Filipinos use several modes of transportation besides bicycles, cars, and buses. They use what is called Tricycles. It is a motor cycle with a side car attached to it. Also another interesting transportation is the "Jeepney."

This is the building that facilitates Cross and Crown Baptist Church in Las Pinas. The week we were there they celebrated their church anniversary and a week later Bro. Tessin celebrated 10 years of working among the people. The bottom half of their building is the church's and the second story is where the Tessins live.

This is what the church building …