Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bible Study Tools (part 3) - Topical Index

The Bible has lots of verses that one may compare with other verses, or a chain of verses, in order to get a broad and comprehensive Biblical idea of a particular topic.

The New Topical Textbook
Edited by R.A. Torrey – itinerant evangelist. About 300 pages. Concise and I like this the most. Published by Sword of the Lord. Get this edition. Excellent binding and hardback.

Nave’s Topical Bible
Compiled by Orville J. Nave a chaplain in the Army of the United States. Published by Hendrickson Publishers. It features more than 20,000 topics and subtopics and 100,000 references to the Scriptures. Most of which is written out thus making it a little bit cumbersome to research, but highly rewarding. The index in the back of this book may also be cumbersome.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (cross-reference)
First published in 1836, originally containing roughly 4,000 cross-references; the newer editions have 570,000 references. The Best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself and this is the value of the Treasury. The original was compiled by Thomas Scott (1747-1821), an Anglican minister who converted from Unitarianism. Hendrickson Publishers has an updated edition of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, which has 778 pages. Excellent cross reference. The New Treasury edited by Jerome Smith contains more than 670,000 references, plus extensive additional topical and word studies.


CindyMae said...

These are great recommendations, thank you!

Unknown said...

You're welcome. More to come.