Thursday, February 2, 2006

Sermons I enjoy

I look forward to these types of posts for two reasons. First, I will get a chance to try the link feature of the blog world. Secondly, I hope this will be a help to some of you. I choose the picture of Ezra reading the law to the people - just coz it sort of represents this thread. (These Bible pictures are, in a way, funny - the picture could be perceived as Moses - but in actuality it is Ezra - well, if push comes to shove - it can be Moses since God told him in Exo. 14:15 to speak for the purpose of moving His people forward) is a website that you can access in order to listen to some good preaching. There are other good ones but this one has an amazing repetoire of good preachers. You'll need to register if you have not yet, but it is free.

Dr. Roger Voegtlin is the pastor of Fairhaven Baptist Church and president of Fairhaven Baptist College. I would like to highlight some of his messages that I believe will be of tremendous help to you.

1. Separation from the World Dr. Voegtlin provides a Biblical and practical basis in the matter of standards and seperation. A few charecteristics of his sermons are clarity and 'down-to-earthness' if I could just put it that way. Get your pencil and paper ready this sermon is loaded.

2. Communion I really like this sermon because not only does it provide instructions to Christians about Communion, but he also presents the Gospel to people who most likely have been mislead because of false teaching regarding this topic. Preacher cuts through the fog of approaching the Lord's Supper with 'theology' and 'rituals.' He explains the ordinance for what it really is. What an excellent Gospel message.

3. Man and His Money This one is characterized as a "Stewardship Sermon" because it deals with finances. As mentioned in this message: you can tell a lot about a man's character by how he handles his money. You would think that money or finances is solely practical but in all reality having the right discipline in money handeling is a very spiritual thing. Here's a good sermon on finances.

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