Tuesday, November 29, 2022

November news and prayer letter has been released

Dear Praying Friends,

Belated Happy Thanksgiving greetings to you and your families and church families. I trust that you are doing well, and by God's grace, we are doing well, also. AMEN!

If you would like to receive a copy of our monthly email updates, kindly comment below or email us a request at our email address which is hardecker at gmail dot com (I wrote it that way because I don't want to add any more spam or junk email to my email account).

Be well,

Bro. Bill

Ministry news:

1. We praise God for an increase in attendance - we have lots of young people and we are praising God for their enthusiasm and desire. Please pray that they would understand the good news of Jesus Christ, that they would repent of sin and turn to God through the Lord Jesus by faith.

2. We are praising and thanking God for allowing us to minister in the Sunday Schools, and Salvation Classes, and the adults/teens Bible Class. We are working our way through the book of Leviticus and we are loving the clearly defined distinctions between the clean and unclean (in Lev. 11-15) and we are finishing up learning about the day of atonement (in Lev. 16-17). There are so many Bible precepts and principles to gain from Leviticus and we just rejoice in being able to teach these things to our guests, visitors, and members.

3. On Sunday mornings, Bro. RJay is preaching/teaching on the Old Testament Pictures of Christ. In the PM services, I am preaching/teaching through the book of James. We had just finished four weeks on James 3:1-12 - on "Taming the Tongue" - And, thus far we have heard of some wonderful testimonies of believer's being strengthened through the preaching and teaching of God's holy word! It sure brings a smile to a preacher's heart to see spiritual growth in the lives of believers. Our Wed. night prayer meetings and Bible study also continues. We are going through the book of Psalms. Praise God! We are also thankful to God for the return of our annual "Night of Thanksgiving" special service (the last one we had was two years ago - so we have much to thank God for, indeed).

4. Our focus is now upon the Christmas season. We plan on rewarding our faithful Sunday School children with a field trip to enjoy some Christmas lights, and to be a blessing to them for their faithfulness. Our prayer is that we may also bring their parents and household to the Lord. Join us in prayers to God for His blessing upon His word as we minister to these children and families. Pray that ready hearts would receive His words and for spiritual increase.

Family news:

1. Marcia and the boys are working very hard with homeschooling.

2. I am working at gaining and learning some Hebrew (Old Testament Biblical language studies). I was able to submit my final draft for an MDiv. and now, I am working on some courses towards a DMin. - what in the world?!? Praise God for His unsearchable riches in Christ Jesus - no one will ever be able to exegete that.

3. We got to enjoy a day (Thanksgiving Day) with my mom, dad, and brother. They live in Angeles City about two hours north of us here in Taguig City, Metro-Manila. While we were there, we picked up a lovebird (which WT named "Raindrop"). So now, we got two birds (the other one is a cockatiel, named "Kiwi").

Sunday, November 13, 2022

21st Century Missionary Email Problems

Historically speaking, we have come a looooong way from sending correspondences via pigeons and bottles with letters placed inside over the waves - we have even done better than the standard "snail" mail (and yet, there is something of character and thought when one gets a handwritten card or letter in the "snail mail). BUT, something lately that has bothered me is getting an email that I have not sent a recent update (mainly because I have failed to enter an "email address" to my monthly updates - that is my fault and I aim to correct that). Here are a couple things that would help me:

1. Email me your request. I will do my best to enter your email address onto my listing.

2. Update me with your latest and greatest email address (your most preferred email address for these kinds of emails). I still send them even though some of my friends have like three or four different email addresses ( - - you know who you are - - you can't possibly be checking the same messages on all of them - - so pick one and let me know - - unless you just like cluttered email inboxes from multiple accounts - - if that's how you roll, hey, you do you - - I personally think you are weird, but the feeling is mutual - - I get that).

3. Sometimes it would be nice to hear from you - send me your updates (not all the time, and don't ask me to reply to it, neither, but jot me a note - let me know you are still alive - coz it is weird sending emails to many whom I really have no recollection of - and I am fit'na nix all the extra - just to keep things on the up and up). Just being truthful here.

On to bigger and better things. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Me (Bro. Bill)

Monday, October 24, 2022

Our October News and Prayer Letter is Out

Dear Friends,

Our news and prayer letter was just sent out a few minutes ago. If you would like to be included in that email-list, please email me a request at hardecker @ gmail dot com, and I will be able to add you to that regular, monthly, update. P.S. I am trying to avoid spam so I had to style my email address like that. Be well!

1. Pray for the return of our newest visitors (Benjamin and Tim).

2. Pray for other visitors to come to our regular Sunday services.

3. Pray for our young people to get saved and continue on for the Lord.

4. Pray for safety and health - we were robbed. But praise God all is well. Just pray! WT was sick and had to skip out on the AM and PM Sunday Service (but thankfully he was able to come to Sunday School and the following Bible Class for Teens and Adults - prior to leaving). Thank the Lord that he is doing much better now.

5. Pray that I may be able to visit and see Elena, again. She is doing well - or so it seems. Continue to pray for her recovery and openness to receive the Gospel. ALSO pray for her family as well. They all listened to two Bible studies thus far. They are such a friendly people. Just pray for them.


Bro. Bill

Monday, September 26, 2022

Hardecker Headlines September

 Our news and prayer letter was just sent out a few minutes ago. If you would like to be included in that email-list, please email me a request at hardecker @ gmail dot com, and I will be able to add you to that regular, monthly, update. P.S. I am trying to avoid spam so I had to style my email address like that. Be well!


Bro. Bill

Friday, September 2, 2022

A Brief Update on my Second Visit with Ms. Elena (A Stroke Survivor)

 Dear Praying Friends,

Elena was in better spirits today. Just continue to pray for her and her precious, and wonderful family (her sons, her grandson, her lady helper). Pray for her to recover well. Pray that I may get another chance next week to visit with her again. God is so good, she allowed me to read to her a portion of Scripture and pray with her - - despite being on a sickbed with a feeding tube, she raised her hands and prayed and out loud said "thank you, Lord" over and over again. I read John 1:1-5, and we had ourselves a short Bible study. She listened really well. Her son was in the room, too, listening. They both said that I am welcomed to come back anytime - - You know God is the one who has opened the door and I want to praise and thank God for that great door of opportunity to read the Scriptures and explain a little bit about the Word, and how that He was there already existing prior to the beginning of all things, and in perfect fellowship with the Father. How He made all things, and without Him nothing would be in existence. How He was the light which is our true and only light here in a dark and sin cursed world. Well, I asked if we could continue next week - - they said "absolutely" - WOW, I am so thankful to God for His mercy and for allowing me to share a word with them despite her stroke. AND the wonderful thing about it is that they want me to come back and share some more and to pray some more for them. GOD is so good! Please pray that Elena continues to progress. Please pray that five members of this household would all get saved. 

P.S. Marcia made them a home-made loaf of bread and it surely smelled the room up with a "sweet smelling savor" - - They loved it (when I say, they, I mean Elena's sons and grandson, and helper).

I can't thank you enough Praying Friends - thank you! God has granted us an audience with her and her entire household. I will return to them next week.

FYI, her son already told me that when she gets to feeling better they will all pay us a visit at church. I told him, when they are ready, I will come pick them up so that they will have a ride to and from church - GLORY! My prayer is for the entire house to come to know the Lord as Saviour - - Elena was so thankful to God - - I really don't think she is too far from Kingdom. But let's just pray for God's word to be understood, and for the Holy Spirit of God to do the convicting, and for the Gospel to be heard and received. I am trusting God for great and wonderful things ahead.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

An Update with My Visit with Ms. Elena

Thank you, Praying Friends. 

I appreciate you taking the time to pray for my visit with Elena. She was heavily medicated when I got to her this afternoon - mainly didn't sleep well last night, and she pulled out her feeding tube which they had to restore. I was texted to re-schedule the meeting till tomorrow but since I was already on the way, I decided to go ahead and drop in for a short visit. They were very friendly towards me, and Elena herself called me "son" (in Tagalog, "anak") which is endearing lingo here - as if she acknowledge me as part of the family - she wasn't all there, 100%, but what little time I had with her, I felt like I was able to establish a good rapport with her and her children and helper. When I ask if I could pray with her, she said strongly: "Yes." It was a good first time meeting her. I look forward to visiting with her again, tomorrow. I am hoping she can get some better rest. Thankfully, her children are very open and welcoming towards me and told me I could visit with her tomorrow any time. - AMEN! 

Please continue to pray for Elena to get better physically, for recovery from her stroke, for a good night's rest, for her feeding tube to be properly removed this Sat. And most especially, that she would turn to the Lord and take Him as her personal Saviour. Thank you again for your prayers, and just pray that God would be glorified and that they (all four of them in the house) would come to know the Jesus Christ as Saviour!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

An Opportunity to Talk to A Stroke Victim About the Gospel

Dear Praying Friends,

Elena is a lady who suffered a stroke-attack. She is recovering now in her home (which is about 4 miles from where we live). Her daughter, Emma, ask me to visit her mom (Elena) and witness to her - we are praying that she would get saved. Emma is a member of First State Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE (under the watch-care of Pastor Sam Knickerbocker). Her brother, Ed, confirmed with me that I may visit Elena anytime this Thur. (09/01/22) so, I set it up for 1 PM visit. I plan on befriending her, praying for her, and witnessing to her about the Lord. Please pray that she would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and that she would repent and turn to Christ alone for her salvation. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I would ask you to please pray for her.

Be well,

Bro. Bill