Friday, August 19, 2022

A Mini-Update and Prayer Requests

Dear Praying Friends,

This coming Sunday (08/21/22) will be a special Sunday for us since this will mark the return of our "regular" Sunday School ministry. That's right! We will be allowing the children to participate fully (as in full capacity) in both the boys and girls' respective classes at 9:00AM. The secular school year is starting on Monday (08/22/22) and resuming full and free face-to-face classes and so we feel good about "re-launching" our Outreach Children's Sunday School. Additionally, we will also continue the vital follow up class for interested children we call "The Salvation Class" - Bro. RJay heads up the boys and his wife, Sis. Amielle heads up the girls. These children (mostly pre or early teens) usually stay through both the AM and PM services - so we are praising God for the progress that we have seen in these young people.

We also have successfully re-launched our Adults/Teens Sunday School Bible Class. This takes place at 10AM. We are going through the book of Leviticus. What a joy to see a number of serious minded people and young people alike who are faithful in their attendance and desire to know more about the Bible. We are learning all about the sacrifices, priesthood, purity laws, the Day of Atonement, and how all these relate to Jesus Christ - who is our sacrifice, "sacrificer", and substitute for the believing sinner. Christ is all and in all to us as believers! And Leviticus demonstrates this vital truth.

Bro. RJay is usually preaching in our Sunday AM service and I preach for our Sunday PM service. What a blessing and a privilege it is to preach and teach God's Holy Word! 

We also have successfully re-launched our Wed. Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study. We are continuing with the Book of Psalms. We are almost near the end of Book 2 (Pss. 42-72), in fact, this Wed. (08/24/22) we will be studying a very exuberant Psalm, Psalm no. 68.

New gospel tracts are in the press even as we speak. This week I got a sample hard copy in the mail for approval, and it looks really good. So, now, it is only a matter of time and we shall have some new gospel tracts to distribute. This new one is called "The Coming Antichrist and the 7-Year Lockdown." We are praying that many people would earnestly take heed to the message presented in the tract and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated,


Bro. Bill


1. For Sis. Bambi to be able to find a suitable place to start her business and livelihood.

2. For the new visiting family to stick. We actually are praying for a couple more families.

3. For souls to be saved - in evangelism, in the services, in our Sunday School ministries.

4. For Christians to surrender to serving the Lord Jesus Christ through our ministry here in Tuktukan. There are some who need to get baptized and added to the church - but all that in due time as we are working with them in love and patience.

5. For none of us to suffer a viral outbreak, and for our health to be blessed by God.

Again, thank you for your prayers! We surely count on them - as we know that without God's Holy Spirit working in and through us, and through your prayers - we can do nothing! BUT thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. Be well, and pray on!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Our First Sunday Back

Dear Praying Friends,

We praise God for His goodness in returning us to our "normal" or "regular" Sunday ministry. I put that in quotation marks because we pretty much don't know what "normal" is any more - I say this with tongue-in-cheek. We are very glad and thankful to God for allowing us the joy of returning to our Sunday services. This Sunday (08/07/22) was our first Sunday back from our 11-month long furlough - our furlough was brought upon by the extreme-lockdowns we experienced in Metro-Manila for 535 days. As it stands, the Php. Government has decided to keep Metro-Manila (and many, if not all of the Philippines) in the lightest level of lockdown called "Level 1" despite the seemingly endless up-tick of COVID cases in the country. We welcome this as a sign of good things to come (Lord willing, the end of the lockdowns). Aug. 22 is slated to be a return to face-to-face classes for the school year 2022-2023, and the government has indicated that there will be no discriminatory behavior towards children regardless of their vaccination status or lack thereof. Again, that too is a good sign. We have decided that on Sunday, Aug. 21, we shall return to our "normal" Children's Sunday School Ministry form our "modified" Children Sunday School Ministry - we will be having split classes for the boys and the girls, and we will also be having their Sunday School ministry regularly now, that is, every Sunday morning. The kids and workers still need to wear face masks but we can do that for the sake of having a weekly impact for the children in our area and beyond. Bro. Rjay and Sis. Amielle (his wife) will also continue with the boys and girls' "Salvation class" which is a follow up to the Children's Sunday School ministry. They are such a blessing! And they have a number of children that stay afterwards as a result. AMEN!

We also re-launched our Adult/Teens Sunday School class - we call it the Sunday School Bible Class. We are working through the book of Leviticus. Having gone through Genesis and Exodus, I figured why not just go ahead with Leviticus - and after much prayer and reflection, I know the Lord would have us go through this precious book. I printed out 15 study notes to go along with the auditors, and I am happy to say that I will need to print out 5 extra copies since the class has grown. Praise God for His goodness!

The Sunday Morning and Afternoon services were a joy to lead. Bro. RJay preached for the AM service. I preached for the PM service. All of which you can listen to via our sermonaudio dot com webpage ( or via our YouTube Channel here or even view our livestream via our Facebook page ( We even have an app on the phone for those who desire to download it to their smart phone for their edification (click here for more information).

We had a wonderful and full day this past Sunday. Please pray that God would be glorified in our services, that souls would be saved, and that Christians would desire to grow in the Lord and become soldiers for the Lord through this work in Tuktukan, Taguig City.

P.S. We also got to re-launch our Wed. Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study - live and in person for which we rejoice and praise God for it! We will continue to explore the book of Psalms as we are nearing the end of Book 2 (Pss. 42-72).

I am also working on a new Gospel tract: "The Coming Antichrist and the 7-Year Lockdown." This will be another Tagalog/English (bi-lingual) tract for maximum usefulness.

Thank you again for your prayers - we sure do appreciate you!

Bro. Bill

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Day #5 of 5 and the test results are in

Dear Praying Friends,

God answered our prayers, and we all tested negative for the COVID virus today. This ends our 5-day quarantine requirements. PRAISE GOD for His favor upon us! Thank you for your earnest and fervent prayers on our behalf. We are excited to get back home, finally, and to move on with our lives. ALSO, we want to praise and thank God for a small number of new visitors who came and worshipped with the brethren in Tuktukan today. We had to stay in our quarantine hotel since we weren't tested until just now but as we viewed the afternoon service, I noticed that Bro. RJay acknowledged a few visitors in the afternoon service. Well, praise the LORD! He is good, and we proceed with excitement and joy for tomorrow, Lord willing, we shall be home.


Bro. Bill

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Day #4 of 5 in Quarantine

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our webpage. I trust you are doing well. We are currently on the fourth day of our five-day quarantine as required by the government since we chose not to get the vaccine and booster shots. Tomorrow we get tested. If we test "negative" - we are free to go home and are no longer required to quarantine some more. If we test "positive" - we will quarantine in our home, and that will take a week of isolation to clear up, and get tested again to ensure that the virus has disappeared. We are asking you to pray for favor and grace. We would rather test negative and move on, but we are trusting in God for whatever He has in store for us. Once again, thank you for your friendship and for your prayers. I will certainly keep you informed as to what happens next.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out our "About Us" tab to see our recent information, relevant dates, contact information, and more. I do my best to keep that as relevant as possible. Those who are interested in "signing-up" for our monthly email updates (called "Hardecker Headlines") are welcomed to be added to the list by emailing me at hardecker at gmail dot com (I spelled it out to avoid spam).

This Sunday (July 31), Bro. RJay will be teaching/preaching for us. Lord willing, the following Sunday (Aug. 7) I will be able to return to the pulpit ministry at Mt. Zion Baptist Missions Philippines in Tuktukan, Taguig City. I am also eager to return to the Wed. Night Bible Study (Aug. 3) only this time live and in person - pending a few questions and situations. If we can't yet meet for our Wed. Night Bible Study, I will continue this Wed. Night teaching/preaching through the book of Psalms from my house via FB-Live at 7:30PM. We shall be looking at Psalm 65.

1. Pray for a favorable swab test tomorrow.

2. Pray for safety and protection for our Tuktukan fellowship. ALSO, pray for power and blessings from God - for souls to be saved, and lives to be changed into the image of Christ to the glory of God.

3. Pray for us to be able to return to our regular Wed. Night Bible Study.

4. Pray for new visitors.

5. Pray for God's word to be magnified in the hearts of each listener and in our beloved city and beyond.


Bro. Bill

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A Smooth Return to the Philippines

Dear Praying Friends,

  • Our return flight was a wonderful experience. We know that many of you personally took the time to let us know that you were sincerely praying for us. Thank you! God certainly answered your prayers. We were able to land on Wed. morning at 4:50AM, July 27 after a 13.5 hour flight!
  • All of our airline paperwork, quarantine paperwork, and immigration paperwork turned out okay. Praise God, this time, I did not lose my wallet. HA!
  • We each got a negative RT-PCR test in order to fly. And now we are needing to furnish another negative RT-PCR test in order to be done with having to quarantine further. Please pray that we can do this on the fourth day of our required quarantine stay (which is this Sat., July 30). We will know the results within the same day.
  • WT and Joe got to enjoy a visit to Washington, D.C. and a week-long VBS in the morning, and a three-day teen rally in the evening of their final week at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA. I was able to help with the VBS audio/visual ministry and I was able to teach a 1-3rd grade combined class on the Friday of VBS. We are praising God that many young people came to a saving knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God blessed with a harvest of souls!
  • Please pray that the businesses and establishments in Metro Manila would not be discriminatory against those who have not received the vaccine(s) and booster(s) concerning the COVID-19 virus.
  • Please pray for strength to get through the jet-lag. Well, we do have five days to quarantine, and I desire to maximize this time and use it to the fullest. I have papers to write and much work to catch up on.
  • I do want to say "Thank you and Praise GOD" for the way He has blessed us with provisions for everything that we needed. Your generosity and prayers mean everything to us - again, thank you and may the Lord bless you as only He can.
  • Currently, our phone number remains this "voice over the internet" number (717) 862-8921. Please avoid texting us on this number since it costs to receive and to reply. Yikes! 
  • Feel free to email us at hardecker at gmail dot com. (I spelled it out to avoid spam).
Bro. Bill

Monday, July 11, 2022

An update from Sunday, July 10th.


Last night at church (Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA) Pastor Chris asked for the people of our church to surround us for prayer as we prepare to fly out in a couple of weeks to return to the Philippines. We are excited about our return. There are many things that are strained and difficult (such as the various mandates and protocols and even potential lockdowns). We are not sure about what the future has in store for us when we get there, but we also have so much to look forward to - the mission of re-establishing our work in Tuktukan, Taguig City, plus the potential of starting another work elsewhere. God is so good to us to call us into the ministry - we just ask that you would continue to pray with and for us that we may please the Lord in all things, glorify Him, proclaim Jesus Christ, and go on for the Lord as a family and as your missionaries! The photo above may be a tad bit "grainy" but we were in the middle, surrounded by our church family, and Dr. Starr (Grandpa Starr) leading in prayer over us. We claim the truth of Ephesians 1:22 "And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church," and so, we as a church, directly to the head of the church - the LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. We prayed to God for safety, for the opening up of the country, and His blessings as we make our way back on Monday, July 25 with an arrival time in Manila on Wed., July 27th. Thank you also to all of our friends and family for your love and prayers, as well!

Naturally, our cell phone numbers will not be useful (and will most likely change again 😊), but do keep an eye for further updates via this webpage, feel free to email: hardecker@gmail. I will certainly be up-dating our "About Us" tab when I get better information.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

MZBC-CAMP 2022 - an update for Sat. (06/25/22)

Dear Praying Friends,

What a special blessing it was for WT and Joe to be able to experience Mt. Zion's Summer Camp ministry. Both of them came in as Junior Campers and we wish to thank Hunt Valley Baptist Church, Hunt Valley, MD for sponsoring the boys' tuition. The week of Camp (June 20-24) was packed with activities, preaching, teaching, devotions, food, laughter, and excitement. We are rejoicing that many souls got saved, and many more made decisions following the challenges they heard from the guest preachers. We just want to thank Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA (our sending church) for their burden and labors in hosting a lot of young people and adult helpers from at least 15 churches. Bro. Eric Ramos (Fairhaven Baptist Church, Chesterton, IN) was the Teen Camp speaker, and Bro. Tom Geer (Capitol City Baptist Church, Austin, TX) was the speaker for the Juniors. They both did an excellent job. We praise God for solid, Biblical preaching and teaching, and our prayers are always that decisions are made and kept which are based on Biblical precepts rather than just the emotions. Our Camp Director, Pastor Todd Henricks (Assistant Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church) did a great job leading the summer camp ministry. The camp ministry was a wonderful success because many men and women prayed and served and did their best to serve the Master. We are so thankful to God for such an important and impactful week. I was asked to address the Junior campers for two split sessions, and Marcia and I sang a duet on the Monday Evening Teen Service. I think, now that camp is over, it is safe to say, that the Hardeckers are just plum happy campers. Pun intended!

Bro. Bill