Saturday, June 29, 2024

Mt. Zion Baptist Church Youth Camp 2024


Dear Praying Friends,

We are praising and thanking God for the opportunity for W.T. and Joseph to take part in our sending church's Youth Camp. I was also given the opportunity to preach and teach God's word to the Junior Campers (ages 9 till 12). The photo above are the workers and campers of the Junior Camp. Bro. Barry Webb and his precious wife, Sis. Cheryl ministered to the children (via puppets and ventriloquism). Bro. Webb was the guest speaker for the teens. God is good and many decisions were made for the Lord. I took time to preach and teach on the doctrine of Verbal Inspiration and Preservation and the importance of the King James Bible as God's word in the English language. My heart's prayer is that those who listen would develop a strong conviction that the KJB is the greatest treasure on Earth for the English speaking people, and most especially for these young people, because when testings and trials of life come, if they truly believe in God and His words - they can turn to the Holy Bible and derive the help and hope that they are going to need. What an amazing God we serve!


Bro. Bill

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