Sunday, November 13, 2022

21st Century Missionary Email Problems

Historically speaking, we have come a looooong way from sending correspondences via pigeons and bottles with letters placed inside over the waves - we have even done better than the standard "snail" mail (and yet, there is something of character and thought when one gets a handwritten card or letter in the "snail mail). BUT, something lately that has bothered me is getting an email that I have not sent a recent update (mainly because I have failed to enter an "email address" to my monthly updates - that is my fault and I aim to correct that). Here are a couple things that would help me:

1. Email me your request. I will do my best to enter your email address onto my listing.

2. Update me with your latest and greatest email address (your most preferred email address for these kinds of emails). I still send them even though some of my friends have like three or four different email addresses ( - - you know who you are - - you can't possibly be checking the same messages on all of them - - so pick one and let me know - - unless you just like cluttered email inboxes from multiple accounts - - if that's how you roll, hey, you do you - - I personally think you are weird, but the feeling is mutual - - I get that).

3. Sometimes it would be nice to hear from you - send me your updates (not all the time, and don't ask me to reply to it, neither, but jot me a note - let me know you are still alive - coz it is weird sending emails to many whom I really have no recollection of - and I am fit'na nix all the extra - just to keep things on the up and up). Just being truthful here.

On to bigger and better things. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Me (Bro. Bill)

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