Thursday, September 1, 2022

An Update with My Visit with Ms. Elena

Thank you, Praying Friends. 

I appreciate you taking the time to pray for my visit with Elena. She was heavily medicated when I got to her this afternoon - mainly didn't sleep well last night, and she pulled out her feeding tube which they had to restore. I was texted to re-schedule the meeting till tomorrow but since I was already on the way, I decided to go ahead and drop in for a short visit. They were very friendly towards me, and Elena herself called me "son" (in Tagalog, "anak") which is endearing lingo here - as if she acknowledge me as part of the family - she wasn't all there, 100%, but what little time I had with her, I felt like I was able to establish a good rapport with her and her children and helper. When I ask if I could pray with her, she said strongly: "Yes." It was a good first time meeting her. I look forward to visiting with her again, tomorrow. I am hoping she can get some better rest. Thankfully, her children are very open and welcoming towards me and told me I could visit with her tomorrow any time. - AMEN! 

Please continue to pray for Elena to get better physically, for recovery from her stroke, for a good night's rest, for her feeding tube to be properly removed this Sat. And most especially, that she would turn to the Lord and take Him as her personal Saviour. Thank you again for your prayers, and just pray that God would be glorified and that they (all four of them in the house) would come to know the Jesus Christ as Saviour!

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