Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Greetings and update for May 3 (05/03/22)

 Dear Praying Friends,

God is good! Bro. RJay Pangan has commenced teaching and preaching the word of God to the precious flock at Tuktukan this previous Sunday (05/01/22). Lord willing, he shall be able to fill in for me until we return and resume the pulpit ministry over there. Our flight is scheduled for July 25th. I am anticipating a short stay in a quarantine hotel for a few days with a testing for a negative result from the COVID virus before allowing us to return to our residence in Taguig City. This makes no sense because a fully vaccinated individual is still a spreader (in fact, the latest Omicron variant that was found in the Philippines came from a fully vaccinated individual). Nonetheless, it is what it is. Sound mind is a gift from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and this is the main reason why world leaders are full of mandates that are totally void of that sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7).

We were able to spend a wonderful week (relatively speaking - although cut down by the boys' terrible cold) at the Fairhaven Baptist Church's Preaching Conference. We also got to see and report back to McGregor Road Baptist Church in Acton, IN (under the leadership of Pastor Chris Kaiser). The fellowship was wonderful though short. They are such an encouragement to us, and always busy for the Lord and loving one another. Pastor Kaiser is a serious Biblical Pastor - always seeking to edify the saints in the Word of God. I pray that their Bible institute would indeed be well-attended. Every church ought to carve out some serious time and host more Biblical education beyond the Sunday services. AMEN!

This past Lord's Day (05/01/22) we were able to be with two churches. Grace Baptist Church in North Ridgeville, OH (Pastor Dennis White) and Harvest Baptist Temple in Clyde, OH (Pastor Allen Holmes). Both churches supported us faithfully over the years and it is a joy to be able to return and report to them. Pastor White preached in the Sunday Morning service and highlighted the Lord Jesus Christ as being greater than life (he explained Phil. 1:21) - I just love Pastor White, he has never changed, he still preaches Christ. Marcia got to see many life-long friends at Harvest Baptist Temple since her dad served with them for years as assistant pastor and Christian school principal prior to his 23 year pastorate at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue, PA (which is our sending church). Pastor Holmes took a Sunday Evening service and provided Biblical answers to questions from the congregation. It was extremely edifying. Praise God for men of God who feed the flock with the precious words of God!

We are "sick." No fun at all. BUT praise God, it is only the common cold, sore throat, pink eyes, and basic sickness. HA! Things could be worse and so we are thankful for urgent care facilities and doctors and staff and we are thankful for access to prescription drugs and many other good stuff (like hot tea, a humidifier, and a clean and comfortable place to rest - the Prophet's Chamber at our sending church). So pray that we all heal up real quick - there's just too much going on for these things. AMEN!


Bro. Bill

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