Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A Return Visit to Hunt Valley Baptist Church in Hunt Valley, MD

We are blessed to have a part in Hunt Valley Baptist Church's Missions Month. It was a joy to be with Pastor Caleb Bottrell and the people. They opened their hearts to us and it was a fruitful visit with them. I was able to preach and teach God's word in their mid-week service, and in two services for the Lord's Day (03/13/22) particularly the Adult Sunday School and in the Morning Worship. We took a Friday evening and had a get-together at Pastor Bottrell's house where we enjoyed the warm fellowship of friends and newer friends. Pastor Bottrell made some awesome bacon-based finger foods, and we got to share pictures of our people and work in Tuktukan, Taguig City, Philippines. Their church took up several special offerings to help us along the way, and we appreciate their sacrificial giving and love for Missions. Below is a link to a song that Marcia and I was able to sing for the Lord and for the morning service. Sis. Darcy accompanied us in the piano.

Meanwhile, in Tuktuakan, the brethren celebrated their 5th Year Anniversary and the meeting place was packed. Praise God for His goodness. Please pray that the country would continue to open up. Currently, Metro Manila is in level 1 lockdown - the lightest it has ever been in two years. Now, they are coming up with an even longer but lighter lockdown called "Level 0" - which is absurd, but nevertheless, at least the ICU units are not being overwhelmed for now. May the end of this pandemic take place soon.

Nanay Luring's funeral and burial went well. Her daughter, Sis. Loht is carrying on well. Our hearts also weep for Sis. Amielle's dad - who died last night, after enduring a difficult confinement in ICU. Please pray for comfort and strength for our friends who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Marcia's grandma, Grandma Zehr is also nearing her Heavenly home. Please pray that God would take her peacefully.

Please be in prayers for us for safety as we travel this week to Iowa for a Missions Conference with our friends Pastor Travis Decker and his wife, Sis. Colleen, at Ottumwa Baptist Church. This will be followed with a visit to Pastor Ferguson and Glory Baptist Church in Carlisle, Iowa. Pray for the church and Pastor Ferguson since they are cleaning up some of the wreckage from a tornado that destroyed their church property.

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