Thursday, November 11, 2021

On the Other Side of Recovery - Praise God!

 Dear Praying Friends,

First of all, we are praising God that we are getting through to the other side of our recent COVID-scare. It is interesting to swap COVID stories with others although I am thankful that God spared my life considering how many others who were probabbly healthier than me but didn't make it. God is good. He is better than the balm of Gilead for He has saved my sin-sick soul.

Despite having to cancel a few meetings, I was enabled by God to begin reporting to a number of churches. What a wonderful experience to see familiar faces who have constantly and regularly kept us (and still keep us) in their prayers. Their love, burden, support, and prayers have not diminished from five or even six years ago. Praise God!

Please pray that the "lockdowns" and "mandate" situation in the Philippines get better. Please also pray for conversion of souls especially in the current and future leadership of the Philippines. We would love for the President to repent and believe in Jesus Christ as his Saviour. We would love for anyone to do the same. Yes, JESUS is still the answer.

I am also thankful to God that I can resume preaching/teaching through the book of Psalms via FB-LIVE to the precious flock in Taguig City, Metro-Manila, Philippines (and beyond, for those tuning in other parts of the earth - ha!).

Pray also for safety and effective meetings as we report to other churches at this time.

One more thing, because of the current situations I am not posting our news and prayer letters online, like I did, prior to the pandemic. However, if you wish to receive our monthly updates, please email me at gmail by using my last name and then placing "dot" prior to (I have to write it like that so that I don't get spam mail - which thus far is working well, for me).

I trust you are doing well, and thank you for reading this informational webpage.


Bro. Bill (11/11/21)

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