Sunday, March 11, 2018

An Anniversary Sunday update 03.11.18

Below is an update from Marcia:

Happy Anniversary MZBMP!!! We are so thrilled to have had a fantastic day here in Tuktukan, Taguig.
To those of you who prayed for our anniversary Sunday, a great big THANK YOU!

We were totally shocked this morning: more & more kids kept coming in for our children's Sunday School class. When all was said & done, we had handed out 68 goody bags! We have never had that many children in SS!!! It was a fantastic day & we had not even advertised it as a special day to the kids. So for them, it was just a normal day (which is part of the reason we were so shocked!). I had the opportunity to teach the story of Jesus walking on the water & Peter stepping out on the water to walk to Jesus. The children continue to improve on their books of the Bible & the songs we have been learning. They loved getting hot dogs (a first for us to do with the kids), juice, freeze pops, & goody bags!
We had several visitors come to our morning service & we were thrilled that Ms. Luring & Ms. Virginia both returned for the services this morning. Also, Cham-Cham came back to our morning service. Our morning service was one of the highest we have had. We had 34 people in the morning service. Yesterday, Bambi (one of the ladies that just started coming to MZBMP in January) came to pass out tracts with us. She handed a tract to a man by the name of Randy. Randy promised he would come. Not only did he come to church this morning, but he also brought a friend with him by the name of Richard. Randy was thrilled to find a church that sings the good old hymns & he promised to return next week. Bambi is so excited......her first week to hand out literature & someone responded & followed through! What an amazing blessing! We also had a new lady come & her 2 daughters; they were there for both SS & the morning service (& lunch). We started out our morning service Skyping my brother (pastor of our home church). He was such an encouragement to the people here at MZBMP; he was truly uplifting to all of us. Bro. Dan Tessin preached a fantastic evangelistic sermon out of John 3 & spoke about Nicodemus & being born again/salvation. We had several people raise their hands for salvation, but did not follow through. Please pray as we follow up with these people in the near future.
We enjoyed our time of fellowship over food (there was SO much) & following the lunch, we enjoyed Bro. Dan's message out of Haggai. He spoke a wonderful encouraging message to us on being strong & working.
What a wonderful blessing to have had Bro. Dan & Jennifer here. We have had a great time of fellowship with them. Bro. Dan's sermons were exactly what we needed here at MZBMP & Jennifer's piano playing blessed us so much (including a beautiful offertory!).
Thank you so much for praying for us & our special day today. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers!

Below is an update from Bill:

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We opened up our morning service with a live audio/visual greeting with Pastor Chris Starr (the pastor of our sending church, our beloved pastor, and fellow-laborer & helper). It was the first time that our people got to see our Pastor. God is so good to us - we aren't going alone, we are sent!

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This lady gave a good word of testimony of giving up and getting rid of idols in her house. A fire ensued beside her house, and she attributes the safety of her person and property to the Lord. AMEN!
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A lunch break following the morning service! We Baptists sure do know how to eat! Feasting is a Baptist Distinctive, no doubt.
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Some of our Sunday School children stayed for the AM service and got to enjoy lunch with us. We are so blessed by God and how He is the one doing the work in hearts and lives of people that we cannot do. PRAY that they would listen and get saved, and then dedicate their lives for the glory of God, the advancement of the cause of Christ. 
You may view Missionary Dan Tessin's preaching below or on our mission-work's Facebook page: 

Thank you friends for your faithfulness, love, and prayers. We are happy to be in the service of the King! And since you pray for us, and with us, know that you have a vital part in our anniversary service! We praise the Lord and give thanks to Him for allowing us the privilege of serving Him.

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