Monday, December 9, 2013

Kindle Edition of Living For & Rejoicing in Christ is finally here!

Yes it is finally here! The Amazon Kindle edition to my study guide on Philippians is now available for those who utilize the Kindle reader or app.

Other ebook editions are available via Vook and iBooks (Apple users).

The ebook costs $4.99, but I believe that Amazon is currently selling this for $3.99 (-$1.00 or 20% off).

Next phase, getting it on the Barnes & Noble platform.

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Bill Hardecker said...

This comment is from Dr. Randy Starr:
"Bill, we sell your 2 books on our book table as we travel to churches across America. One has sold out and the other nearly so. KEEP WRITING! We are getting good feedback. Randy Starr PS Folks can order them at"