Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Bible recover and restoration ministry

I just finished up a wonderful missions conference week at Grace Baptist Church in Oak Harbor, OH. We had never been to this church before, but we are so glad we came and had a part in their conference.  One gentleman, Donald Hawkins Sr. has a knack for restoring and re-covering old and wore out Bibles.  He gave me his business card, and I asked him if he didn't mind if I promoted his information so that you too can contact him and see what he can do for your Bible or someone you know.

His name is Donald Hawkins, Sr. and his email address is donehawk@gmail (I didn't place the .com where it needs to be because I don't want any spammers spaming his email address).

Mr. Donald Hawkins Sr.
Bible Recover & Restoration Ministry
226 N. Church Street
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
(419) 707-0085


Unknown said...

PBH - thanks for posting his info!! I have been wondering how to get my Bible recovered....don't want to replace it. PTL!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting his info!!! Don't want to replace my Bible.... just need it re-covered. Hope all is well with you!

Bill Hardecker said...

All is well! God is Good! Glad to be a help.