Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Off to the press

With the Lord's help and by His grace, my second book is now off to the press.  It is with great enthusiasm that I anticipate how the Lord may bless this new book.  "Living for and Rejoicing in Christ" is a practical study guide through Paul's epistle to the Philippians (as mentioned in my previous blog article).  Having worked on the printed book, and having found out, just yesterday how to format a Word doc for Kindle, I think, that when I get some spare time (somewhere) I would attempt to once again customize this book for the Kindle e-readers.  Last time I tried this it was a complete waste of time for me.  IF what I have stumbled upon (in formatting Word for Kindle) works, great!  If not, then at least I know that I tried again (and failed again) and will be reminded about why I hated formatting.  This would be a small price to pay assuming a successful experience.

Two more books are certainly in my purview.  I so hope to get them done before I leave for the Philippines.  I will not be saying anymore about it.  I just ask that you would pray for me and for lives to be affected in a positive way for the Lord.  To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

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